Lil Shelton- The Founder Of A New World


Artist Lil Shelton is not just a creator of music, but also a visionary of a concept called “17 World”. This world is exclusive for only the creative-hearted and is “out of this world”[Earth].

Shelton’s music has the ability to cause reflection, as it has an almost mesmerizing effect. I am glad I got to cover Lil Shelton’s story. Welcome to 17 World.


17 year old artist Lil Shelton, a true “17 World”.

Artist Lil Shelton has always had a dream of being in the music industry as a creator. However, Shelton didn’t start doing it until his girlfriend convinced him to focus on his craft.

“I mean growing up I always wanted to do music and wanted it as a career but I did not really start doing it until my girlfriend was like, “do that s***! You got this,”  and I went crazy.”

Regarding Lil Shelton’s name, he says that he used his last name [Shelton] and added “Lil” in front because he is a young 17 artist[17 world].

Growing up, Shelton didn’t have a fatherly figure in his life and he said that he went through a lot of hardships but never were they family problems.

“I’m just a mama’s boy,” Lil Shelton says.

Shelton’s music, and his reasons behind why he creates are interesting and eye-opening. Especially with his creation of 17 World.


Lil Shelton’s Instagram, a place for all members of 17 World to meet.

The world of 171717 is in a different planet/ universe composing of people with different mindsets and outlooks on life. Shelton says it’s a heartbreaking world for those that are lost.

The only way to enter 17 World is by feeling the music Shelton puts out, closing your eyes and feeling as if you’re in this new world. It’s a place to belong when you feel like you do not belong.

Shelton says one of the best reasons behind why he loves creating music is to create music that people can relate to. Shelton also loves to let people know they’re not alone in heartbreak and that he “understands.”

One of Shelton’s greatest achievements is getting on Lyrical Lemonade.

Writer Jacob Lusted of Lyrical Lemonade describes Shelton’s music ( focusing on Shelton’s song No Holster) as “Shelton bodied the bone-chilling beat with his in-your-face lyricism on running up a check, flexing his diamonds and much more savagery over the 2-minute timespan.”

Another of Shelton’s greatest achievements is getting 3 tapes completed.

The young artist has only been creating music for 6 months but as Shelton says,” I’m on the up; 17 world forever.”

When asked to describe himself, Shelton says that he’s a “rockstar 17 world” [ A creator who experiences great moments] but he’s also sad and feels alone at times.

“Every love story ends bad,” Shelton says.

Conflict and hostility are both terms that those in the music industry know well, as you cannot rise without individuals starting to hate on you and your craft.

Shelton says in response to this,” be yourself, don’t care about what people say or think. Do you. People are going to hate [no matter what], f*** that s***, keep doing you; never give up.”

Another important question which Shelton was asked is how he is different to other artists in the industry.

“My music is the truth as well as what I go through too with mixed emotions and feelings… and sarcasm,” says Shelton.

Also, if you were curious, Lil Shelton’s favourite artists are Tyler The Creator, Frank Ocean and Yung Blue.

For all fans of Lil Shelton, the young and talented artist has 2 tapes dropping and a music video being released very soon as well.

To follow Lil Shelton and to keep updated with his career, be sure to check out his social media listed below:




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