FadedBlacKid-The Continuation Of A Legacy


South Carolina producer FadedBlacKid is both talented and experienced, not with just music but with life itself.

FBK, as the producer likes to be titled (FadedBlacKid), is not just a standard producer in the scene. FBK has experience in the “professional”/ industry environment as well.

The young producer right now has his beat sampled by an artist who is on the Top 5 Billboard “as we speak.”

“I didn’t receive any credit for it. I overcame this by not caring because his version of the song didn’t even do that well but I used this situation as fuel to keep me going harder on beats,” FBK says.


FBK in the studio.

The South Carolina producer is also RIAA Gold Certified, as his first album placement was given the prestigious award.

“For the past 60 years, the RIAA has honoured music’s best through its Gold & Platinum Awards Program. When an artist earns a Gold & Platinum certification, they join the ranks of an elite group of beloved musicians,” the RIAA website states.

“Not many people in the underground can say this [having an RIAA certified placement/album] so its a pretty big deal to me. Every producer would love to have a plaque, I’m just blessed to have one on the way soon.”

“I gotta thank everyone that helped keep me going along the way. You know who you are. I see myself going real far in the industry and taking it over with my team Neilaworld. We are really a new wave,” the producer says.

Neilaworld is a collective of producers with different backgrounds with a common goal of improving their own sounds and rising above the rest.

Creator, FadedBlacKid, says that his goals for Neilaworld are to put out good music and see the group shine. FBK also wants one day for a cartoon to be created involving Neilaworld and a gaming league too.

FBK wants Neilaworld to not be just a “producer group but the producers of Neilaworld are the face of the group.”

Neilaworld was created in 2016 in FBK’s senior year of school, but was brought back into action at the end of last year.

When asked about his background and the hardships he had gone through, the producer explains the ordeals he has experienced while growing up.

Being the only boy out of all the children, as well as the middle child, FBK experienced his parent’s divorce at a young age.

FBK details that it was hard to relate with his mum as she didn’t always “understand” him and the events FBK went through.  FBK says because of this, he felt quite alone and it a major reason as to why he keeps to himself nowadays.


FadedBlacKid and producer CashCache.

“I did a lot of s*** though that I can’t go back and change, that’s life,” says FBK.

Finding out the motivations as to why individuals in the music scene, as well as in other industries, are interested in their career is important to me. I like to discover what motivated them to begin.

“I entered the industry as a producer primarily at first because I wanted to be a rapper, and I saw people like Tyler The Creator and Soulja Boy were making their own beats. Also, early on I remember seeing “prod. by” [produced by] on songs and always thinking a song was more fire if it said “prod. by” on it.”

“Music basically was always my dream, I wanted to play sports but I never had the chance and when I finally did in high school we moved again so I was ineligible to play my junior year,” says the young producer.


One of FBK’s many placements.

“Senior year I was like f*** it, I’m not playing because I would have had to go so f****** crazy on them with zero experience in a real game and I didn’t see that happening for myself so I said f*** that I’m sticking with these beats.”

“The other career choice I wanted to do and still kind of want to one day is to be a video game designer. I took lots of computer classes in high school so I got somewhat of experience and I’ve made games on this program called ALICE, and GameMaker,” says FBK.

When asked what is the most surprising thing when being a producer, FBK says it’s when people message him and tell him that he’s their most favourite producer or that they love his sound.

“I work so hard to craft my own original sound that I love when people credit me and notice,” says FadedBlacKid.

However, the most eye-opening thing FBK says is ” how the game moves. You got to understand how to play your cards right. Rappers might f*** with you today and they will act like you don’t exist the next [day]. So build your own name so they want to work with you.”

FadedBlacKid also speaks about his greatest inspiration for music. Artist Speaker Knockerzs, who tragically died at age 19, was “so close to putting South Carolina on the “map””.


FBK’s Lil Pump placement. One track was produced with producer Trapphones.

FBK feels that he needs to finish what Speaker Knockerz started since they’re from the same state.

“He created a sound that was so unique. He was going to be a star, but when I’m in the game I’m going to make sure they won’t forgot about SK,” FBK says.

FBK’s home is also of interest. “South Carolinas scene is starting to pop off and for a long time our scene was very dry but people are starting to get more and more hip to what is going on. It’s people in the state [SC] throwing shows trying to push the scene and culture forward and I appreciate them for doing it,” says FBK.

Regarding FBK’s future and where he sees his career going, FBK believes that he is going international soon in the next year or two.

I’ve already started travelling the US, going on tours with my bro Turbo. We just did a 3 city [tour] one back in June. Only hit North Carolina, and Atlanta so far for music s***. I’m going to be all over soon, just getting dates locked in. I’m definitely trying to hit California and Seattle before the year is over, and New York,” says the South Carolina producer.

To stay up to date with FadedBlacKid’s career, be sure to check out his social media listed below:

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