GojiBeanBryant- Always Tried But Never Tired

Artist Goji Bean Bryant, a member of Big Muscle Gang and a talented creator, comes forth to speak about his life, career and everything in between.

This interview will focus on the artists rise, and his musical talent.

The name Goji was chosen as the artist in college used to smoke “OG Goji,” a strain of marijuana. Goji also chose his artist alias as he liked the name “Kobe Bean Bryant,” and thought the name Goji Bean Bryant had a nice “ring to it.”

Growing up, Goji said he was just a simple country boy from South Carolina and is a single child.

Goji Bean Bryant- “The name Goji was chosen as the artist in college used to smoke “OG Goji,” a strain of marijuana.”

Goji wants to make it known that he has never had anything given to him, he has always had to work for his needs and wants. It’s made him humble and always willing to work.

“As far as hardships, I’ll say I was always tried when growing up. So I always had to fight or I was into something. Sometimes I say it’s going to get harder before it gets easier,” says the artist.

The South Carolina-born artist also gives advice to those who are working to achieve their dreams in the creative industry.

“My advice to the public would be literally that you have one life to live can’t nobody tell you how to live that s***. Not even your mum,” says Goji.

The reason in which the artist started rapping was due to his own friends in which rapped themselves during high school. Goji felt that he could go “crazy” if he did but he was too shy.

Goji wants to make it clear that he “gave his life to this s***.” He wants to do nothing else with his life.

However, if he had to pursue a different career path, Goji says he might do comedic voiceovers.

I asked Goji why his music is different to others in the industry and how. Two important questions.

“What makes me stand out is that I actually say what I mean. When you listen to my music, everything I say I’ve either done it, lived it, or want it or it’s going to happen. Plus, you cannot listen to my music and not want to nod your head to my s***.”

Behind the music, Goji is just as wise and honest with others.

“Behind the music, I’m probably the funniest and most genuine person you’d meet and I vibe with everyone. None of that negative s***, I hate that s***,” says the artist.

As stated previously, Goji is also a member of Big Muscle Gang, a collective of artists and producers that are “forcing their way into the rap game.” Members, as titled by their collective name, are going to “muscle” their way in.

“Shoulda never capped on me.. on gang,” Goji on his Instagram.

Goji was originally a fan of the group, and after sending a song to Dr Drip, the original creator of BMG, titled StoneCold, they become acquainted. A FaceTime call followed in which Goji helped Drip crack the software Mixcraft. They’ve been brothers [friends] ever since.

The artist, however, didn’t get put into BMG until October 2017.

The current members include Goji, Drip, BBY GoyardMun¢hrill, TylerGoldChains, Mia Nokia, DontSleep, Jvles, and Retro Messiah.

Goji states that there are more to name but they are all “gang” [family].

Goji Bean Bryant believes that members of BMG will lead the next wave. They wish to get rid of the “recycled Carti and plug-type beats”.

We are bringing “new s*** to the table.”

Regarding the future, Goji says that he’ll be focused on putting out more music and videos “before his time is up.”

Goji will also be dealing with a legal situation in the future.

The artist also states that once his numbers get to the point in which he wants them to be, he will focus on entertainment.

Regarding who Goji wishes to work with in the future, he wishes to work with Hoodrich Pablo, Chief Keef, G Herbo and Shabaaz.

Goji also wishes to make something on some Digital Nas or Sensei ATL production.

I will also leave a quote that I believe captures Goji’s life in one sentence. 

“I gave my life to this s***.” I know some of you can relate.

To stay up to date with Goji’s career, be sure to check out his social media accounts listed below:

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