Savage Gasp- Exploring The Keyblade Wielder’s Mind

Artist Savage Gasp captures the concept of marketing yourself in a proficient and effective manner. The artist dons a keyblade, equipped with the outfit of Sora and co. from the Kingdom Hearts series.

However, the usage of marketing isn’t the only effective tool that Gasp has, rather his whole music captures an almost reflective and nostalgic vibe, which makes it easy to enjoy.

Let’s dive into Savage Gasp’s mind.

Artist Savage Gasp selected the name he has for two reasons. Firstly his real name is Gaspere, and his parents used to call Gaspere “Gasp” for short. Secondly, when he was younger, his friends called the artist “Savage Gasp” as he would roast people at the wrong moments.

“It was never meant to be a rapper name or anything, I just couldn’t think of something cool so I went with that,” says the artist.

Growing up Gasp says that his life was good, but he was all over the place. His father was in the military and thus, the artist had to relocate to different locations throughout his childhood.

Gasp lived with his mum and his younger brother until he was 18, in which he moved out on his own.

“We moved around a lot because my dad was in the army but I ultimately think that was for the best because it has made me way better at adapting to any situation and making friends or getting along with pretty much anyone I meet,” says the artist.

The artist now resides in New York City [NYC], however, he states that he doesn’t really interact with the underground industry there. He mainly sticks with his friends.

NYC artist Savage Gasp.

“I’m sure there’s a ton of cool artists in NYC doing their thing though,” says Gasp.

SavageGasp also explains the hardships that he’s been through.

The artist says that he’s worked his “d**k” off to get to the point in which he is now. He points out that although he may seem carefree in his image, behind the scenes he focuses on business.

“I’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours working on flows, writing lyrics, and scouring the dark corners of the internet for beats. I think sometimes I give off a carefree vibe but its all business behind the scenes,” says Gasp.

As an individual, Gasp says that he loves to be surrounded by friends and laughing constantly. He is also a relaxed individual.

As an artist, however, he is all business.

“This is my passion and one day will be my full-time career. I don’t joke around or half-a** anything when it comes to music,” says the artist.

He also details that he is meticulous when it comes down to his music and that he always ensures that everything is perfect- he labels it as due to his OCD.

Gasp also makes it known that until last year, he did not know he wanted to pursue music. He was playing soccer during high school and planning to head to college to become a high school teacher and coach.

However, the artist decided to not go to college and get a job instead so he could focus on music.

“I don’t regret that decision at all,” says Gasp.

As stated previously, Gasp’s whole marketing image is that of Kingdom Hearts. A series in which spans multiple consoles and generations, in which had its debut on Sony’s PlayStation 2.

When asked why Gasp associated his image with this series, it became clear it’s a part of who he is and he has clear ties with the world and its inhabitants.

“I’m an extremely nostalgic person, and Kingdom Hearts is literally my entire childhood. Since I was a kid I’ve been in love with the characters, the world, and everything about Kingdom Hearts,” says Gasp.

The NYC artist notes that because its a part of who he is, it naturally became affiliated with his music due to the connection he holds with the series.

Noting that finding an image for marketing purposes can be difficult for those in the industry, I asked Gasp to provide to advice to those that may be struggling.

The artist says to be yourself, and f*** what others say.

“If you’re genuinely making fire original content that comes from your heart (no Kingdom Hearts pun intended), your s*** is going to catch on. I promise,” says Gasp.

Gasp repping Kingdom Hearts.

Regarding Gasp’s inspirations for his music, there are a few sources. Lil Wayne, Tyler the Creator and Oliver Francis are the artists 3 greatest inspirations.

“Lil Wayne has probably had the greatest impact on me though because I idolized him as a kid and rapped his verses to myself in my room hundreds of times. I would be wrong to say you can’t hear his influence in my music,” says Gasp.

The artist also says that his inspiration is not just limited to just individuals, but also covers nature, things around the artist, memories and also personal experiences.

“I often go to the beach or go out and look at the stars to draw inspiration for my music,” says Gasp.

Savage Gasp would also like to work with Oliver Francis one day.

“He’s my idol and i honestly think if he gave my music a  chance he would easily f*** with it. I know he doesn’t really do features, but hey, I can dream,” says Gasp.

Other than working with Oliver Francis, Gasp says he doesn’t see himself working with anybody outside of his friends.

“If s*** happens, it happens. I’m not worried about anyone but myself right now and growing, and developing my own sound to the best of my ability,” says the NYC artist.

To keep up to date with Savage Gasp’s career, be sure to check out his social media accounts listed below:



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