DAWSZN- Humble Yet Hungry


DAWSZN, a 19-year-old artist from Asheville, North Carolina, was brought to my attention with his recent addition titled “GOYARD DUFFLE.” The song captured the experience that many of us share when striving for our dreams.

DAWSZN, like many other interviewed personalities I’ve brought on to my site, has experienced both the highs and lows of being a creative.

Let’s enter DAWSZN’s mind.

The artist chose his alias due to the fact that his real name is Dawson, and just swapped a few letters around to get an alias that suited DAWSZN’s tastes.

However, the artist had a difficult childhood that has shaped them into being the individual they are now, and thus, has influenced their craft.

At age 12 DAWSZN’s mother, who suffers from addiction, left him for a man she had met online. The artist was then raised by his father and step-mum. DAWSZN hasn’t seen his real mum since.

The artist, however, states that without experiencing those situations and living through them, he may never have tried and put words onto paper for his music.

“Dealing with those feelings helped me perfect my craft and shape me into the artist I am today, so I am still thankful for all of the events that have taken place. Good or bad,” says DAWSZN.

The artist also displays a great sense of character.

“Hope she’s doing well,” says DAWSZN regarding his mother, regardless of all that he’s been through.


North Carolina artist DAWSZN.

DAWSZN also makes it clear that he’s appreciative of everything his father did to ensure DAWSZN was looked after growing up. It also gave the young artist all the tools he needs to be successful he believes.

I also asked DAWSZN how he finds inspiration for his work.

I find this an important concept to cover as the source of inspiration often portrays what the individual is like as a person, and how their art relates to their own being.

“I use many things or people around me as influences for my music. I try to pay attention to everything that goes on around me on a daily basis to inspire authentic connections between the listener and myself,” says the artist.

Regarding what plans DAWSZN has other than music, the artist states that he is not sure if there is any other path for him besides music.

The artist also has a strong belief on university [college].

“I feel like college tries to put you in a box or a category that you can never get out of. I failed college when I went. It felt so pointless and fake. Like everyone, there was trying to be a version of themselves for everyone else to see and not showing who they truly were,” says DAWSZN.

DAWSZN says that he instead decided to focus on his “real dreams” rather than chase a diploma/bachelor’s degree at university/college.

“I don’t need to meet society’s standards to be happy with myself, and I feel like some people do and that’s the problem.”

The young artist also gives advice to those in the industry who may be lacking a clear path or direction.

“My advice would be to remain true to yourself. Let your ‘image’ just be a reflection of yourself,” says DAWSZN.

The artists end goals of his career are to “make music and provide for my family and closest friends. A humble and inspiring goal.


“All they say to me is Dawszn be humble,
All I ever wanted was to be something,” DAWSZN sings in GOYARD DUFFLE.

As of now, the artists greatest achievement has been getting his lyrics posted to Genius as well as having a few of his songs posted on HotNewHipHop.

The North Carolina artist would also love to get songs done with underground artists  “BBY GOYARD, Goji Bean Bryant, Lil Xelly, BagTy, Stacey, & HellaSketchy.”

Regarding other artists, DAWSZN would love to get songs done with “Post Malone, Drake, Chief Keef, & Travis Scott” further on in his career.

DAWSZN has an EP coming with 2kthagoon “soon,” plus another EP dropping with Iloveyouoxxy as well.

Stay tuned for both EP drops as well as more by following DAWSZN’s social media accounts listed below:



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