Weiland- Creating A New Wave


Weiland is well known for his photos on social media, holding firearms, and other unusual objects, but not much is known about the artist – until now.

From growing his following rapidly, to collaborating on a song with Lil Tracy, Weiland has created quite a stir.

The name Weiland was an easy choice for the artist, as the artist’s middle name is Weiland. The young artist also feels that his middle name sounds – and feels – more like him.

“I’ve always felt like my middle name felt and sounded more like me,” says Weiland.

The Florida artist’s influences also include Chief Keef, Speaker Knockerz,
Maroon 5, Gorillaz and “much more, but too many to name.”


Florida artist, Weiland. Photo by Weiland.

The artist didn’t have an easy upbringing either. Due to watching his parents “unhealthy relationship” and their constant arguments over finances, it has caused him to have a warped view of what makes a a proper relationship work – and problems dealing with finance.

It has also landed him in legal issues in the past.

“I used to try my best to stay out of trouble but when it comes to money, sometimes I just lose my filter. I got my love for money because my parents have never had a healthy relationship and that reason they don’t is because of the struggle for money.  I’ve had a feeling since a young age that money might fix everything and bring everything together,” says the artist.

Weiland says that he’s trying to leave all those issues in the past as he deals with the [legal] case he’s on now, as he tries to get off probation.

Weiland wants to make it clear though that he’s appreciative of both his parents who have always provided for him and cared for him – even in rough times.

The Florida artist says that he started making music when he was “playing around,” as something to do when he was bored. Weiland also had no idea music would become this important and serious to him.

“When Chief Keef came around, before he blew up, is when I got the idea of making my own music,” says Weiland.

The young artist also says that he normally creates music at night. Previously, he would use substances to help him find the words he needed to speak into the mic, but as of now, he has stopped all drug use.

Weiland also gives advice to those in the music industry.

“I’d just say be yourself like anyone else would. I always make moves that make me smile when I think about them. I think everybody else should do the same thing,” says Weiland.

I asked Weiland to describe himself as a person, and then to describe his music.

“I feel like I did start a special sound/wave on SoundCloud and today I have a lot of children and clones that bite. But I think that’s good because I know I did right. And I know one day it will pay off and I’ll receive the glory I deserve,” says Weiland.

The artist also says that he describes himself as very different, and sometimes he doesn’t feel very human-like.

“I can never relate to others on certain things but I like that because I am able to do things that another person would never think to do,” says Weiland.


“I can never relate to others on certain things,” says Weiland. Photo by Weiland.

Weiland also says that school wasn’t for him. His grades were not great, but he wants to state that its’ not because he is not educated but rather that he chose to devote his time to pursue other directions, such as his music.

“I think the school systems are awful, waste time and only provide social skills to the youth,” says the artist.

However, he states that if he didn’t pursue music, he might’ve chosen to go the “college-debt route.”

Weiland also has accomplished many achievements on his rise.

The artist says his own personal greatest achievements thus far are reaching the audience in which he is with his music and also having labels interested in Weiland and looking at his direction.

“Reaching an audience that I was able to reach is insane. And to
have labels show interest feels so weird. I never thought it would happen,” says the Florida artist.

Weiland has new content in the works also, and he has a clear direction in which he wishes his career to proceed. It’s inspiring.

“A lot of videos are finally coming soon and they are going to be big.
There’s big budgets on a lot of the videos I’m working on. And I stocked up on new
equipment so a lot of great new music is coming very soon. My goal is reaching radio
right now,” says Weiland.

The Florida artist would also like to work with “Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Chief Keef, Playboi Carti, Skepta” and others.

To stay up to date with Weiland’s career and to be notified when the artist releases his new music videos, be sure to follow his social media accounts listed below:

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