Lil Turbo- Bringing Energy To Everything


Artist Lil Turbo hits hard with a voice that suits his flow. The artist captured my attention as soon as I found him on social media, and once I listened to his music, I was hooked.

Turbo also produces too, which will also be covered. To check out his beats, click here.

Time to discover who Lil Turbo is behind their music.

The artist has a unique name, and it markets the artist effectively. By causing listeners to wonder why the artist has the alias they do, it can create discussion.

Lil Turbo has the title he does because he states he likes doing things fast all the time and likes to stay in their lane. The artist states that everyone who knows him knows that he likes to do things quickly, so the name suited them.

I bring energy to everything so that s*** fit right in,” says the artist.

Lil Turbo also states that he has a lot of musical influences, right down to his peers. His largest and most important influence, however, is that of the artist Jose Guapo.

I was listening to him in middle school, all the way to now,” says the artist.

The artist has also only been making music seriously for 2 years, and within their 1st year attained over 100 000 plays.

Turbo has also endured many hardships on his rise, even throughout his childhood. The artist lost his father during his childhood, as well as lost over 10 friends due to violence [guns].


Lil Turbo attained over 100 000 plays in his first year.

“Just growing up I had to learn how to maneuver and finesse through anything possible,” says Turbo.

Regarding music, Turbo states that he wasn’t given any handouts and had to work to attain everything he wanted. It taught him to be self-motivated and self-sufficient.

Lil Turbo also gives thanks to his relationship with God.

I swear just having that extra help when nobody else can help is really the only reason I can say, ‘keep God first, pray, and you can get through anything, trust me. Just look at me,'” says the artist.

The artist states that while growing up his family was close, and his cousins lived with both him and Turbo’s parents. Lil Turbo’s father moved the family out of the “hood” when Turbo was a sophomore in high school.

Turbo says that once he lost his father, he had to “man up” and work hard for the household after his siblings left.

As a person, and as an artist, Turbo says that the both of them go “together.”

As a person and artist, I’m genuine, says Turbo.


Lil Turbo and artist BBY GOYARD.


The artist looks at things as vibes and energy, so they try to go with the flow as much as possible.

If I want to get something to eat, I’ll get up and cook. Same as for when I’m in the studio. If I want to make a song, I don’t procrastinate, I just get right to it,” says the artist.

Turbo says that people say that he comes off as more cool than people think he is when they meet him.

So if I come off as different, I try not to but I would say you got to meet me in person, instead of dm’ing [messaging] me to know me,” says Turbo.

Turbo also says that if he never pursued music as a career, he would either be a producer, engineer, or label executive. He wants to be around music no matter what. 

“To be honest, I would be an actor too. People don’t know that’s another thing I want to dab [go] into,” says Turbo.

The artist also gives advice to those in the industry regarding marketing themselves.

Never take the easy way out, and create as much network connections that you can as possible. Knowing someone, who knows someone is more useful than you would think,” says Turbo.

The artist also believes strongly that your “image” shouldn’t be created, rather it should be natural. Turbo also believes that you shouldn’t add or remove parts of your “image” to make people accept you more.

“Once your “image” is just an “image” than you’re just a character, not an artist or whatever you choose to be,” says Lil Turbo.

The artist states that his music process follows both the spontaneous approach as well as a planned one.

I plan a time I’m going to the studio, but I don’t plan how much songs or beats I’ll push out in a certain time. Being too organized or specific limits my creativity, I don’t know about anyone else,” says Turbo.

The artist also has a lot of content coming out over the coming months. Turbo has a self-produced tape titled “Hoodstar.” “TurboMotorSports” tape is also on the way, as well as other mini projects and singles are coming also, featuring different curators.

I’m planning on releasing a producer tape with songs that other artists have on my beats too. A lot of visuals are on the way. Every single from the Turbo Tax EP is going to have a visual also. Starting from now on, I’m going to release a lot more videos, vlogs, and interviews for the fans,” says Turbo.

Lil Turbo would also like to work with DP Beats, Rojas, Digital Nas and D Savage.

To follow the artist’s career, be sure to check out their social media accounts listed below:


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