Summrs- From Trickshots To Millions of Plays


From getting over 2.4 million plays in 2 years, to getting inspiration from Duwap Kaine, Summrs is growing rapidly – and with a cult fan base backing him.

18-year-old artist Summrs was originally from Louisiana- this is where his musical career began, and flourished.

Summrs has had his music alias since his days playing Call of Duty doing “trickshots“. The artist’s gamer tag on Xbox was “Summrs” and the artist has kept the name since.

The young musician comments that he enjoyed playing Call of Duty, in particular, Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

The artist states that he used to and still does doubt himself a lot, especially regarding his musical ability. Summrs says that he previously did not get much attention for his music, and it would cause him to feel like his musical ability wasn’t good enough.

At moments he felt like he should give up.

“At the end of the day I remind myself why I started music and this is what I want to do. This is what I love,” says Summrs.

The artist says that they had a good childhood and came from a good, caring family. Summrs parents were young when they had him, and so Summrs family suffered from financial hardships. However, now his family is living well in a good home.

Summrs describes himself as a very nonchalant and laid back individual. The artist says that rather than going out with others and partying and the like, Summrs instead likes to “smoke,” chill, make music and hang out with his girlfriend.

As an artist, however, Summrs describes himself as cocky, very melodic, hardworking as well as creative.

“Creativity is key,” says Summrs.

The artist also states that they are influenced by “Duwap Kane, Chief Keef, Drake, Kirko Bangz, and Goonie.” The artist also states that they are influenced by their own self, and life experiences.

Summrs has put his everything into his craft- time, money, and passion.

“I work too hard to not get where I want. I have no “Plan B,” says the artist.

Summrs personal greatest achievement was getting 1 million plays on SoundCloud. The artists first SoundCloud account got deleted at 800 thousand plays.

The artist started a new SoundCloud account in late 2017 and now has over 1 million plays.

The artist currently has 2.4 million plays in total and has “only had it for 9 months,” says Summrs.

Duwap Kaine was Summrs original influence in starting music. The artist thought [Duwap] Kaine was creative and believed he could also make music.

Summrs bought a USB mic and downloaded GarageBand. This was the start of the artists’ career.


“The artist currently has 2.4 million plays in total and has “only had it for 9 months,” says Summrs.” Image by Summrs.

Summrs currently uses an interface mic and FL Studio.

“My greatest advice is to invest into your equipment for the best quality,” says the artist.

Summrs advises artists and producers to not get discouraged with their craft. He states that he’s been making music for 2 years now, and only this year has his music been getting lots of traction.

“It takes time and patience to get where you want to be. Don’t sign a dumb deal if it doesn’t benefit you,” says Summrs.

The artist also advises personalities to be smart about your image, and look “fascinating.” Summrs says by doing this, people will become interested and try to learn more about you.

“Getting them interested in your image and you are [both] really important.”

Summrs also gives an insight into his music making method.

“I make music randomly when I feel like it. I get a song done and mixed within 20 minutes,” says the artist.

Summrs also states that he doesn’t write music, he just “punches” right in. He also has to be in the right mood.

“Drugs make me come up with the best music though,” states the artist.

Summrs has since released a new tape titled “Devotion” featuring 18 songs.

To follow the artist’s career, check out their social media accounts listed below:

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