Dr. Driip- Music Is In His Blood


21-year-old artist Dr. Driip, from Atlanta, Georgia, also known as the creator of Big Muscle Gang, speaks about his rise, the hardships he and BMG have experienced, his background with music history in his family, and more.

Let’s explore Driips mind and unravel his secrets and tips to succeed.

The artist originally had the title “lilca$hmeout” before he chose his current alias.

Driip states that he had this title because girls would always “cash him out for food, clothes etc.”

The artist was very down on his luck when he started music he believes.

Before making the move to Atlanta, Georgia, 7 years ago, the artist grew up in Albany, New York.

“I’ve always had the drip since before this rap s***,” states the artist. He also comments that everyone knew him as the guy that dressed cool/ stylish.

Driip states that growing up he was surrounded by music. His grandfather was a very famous and prominent jazz musician in New York City. The artist’s father also played a lot of classic rock while Driip was growing up.


Artist Dr. Driip grew up in a family who loved music and was exposed to all different types of genres, and artists.

From artists Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Van Halen, Driip’s father would play them all and more, whilst Driip was in elementary school.

Driip also states that when he was in 4th grade he made a band with his brother, friend, and his cousin.

When the artist got older his uncle showed him “Eric B. & Rakim“, and “N.W.A,” which further cemented Driip’s passion for music.

“I’ve always had a passion for music since I was young,” says Driip.

Driip also states that he “always wanted to be a rapper” but because many of his friends were already rapping, he didnt want to be “that guy” that started rapping after his friends had been doing it for years.

The artist would also always be asked if they were a rapper due to their “image.” Driip stated that once he made his first song, he fell in love with the process and has continued to make music since.

However, since being forced to work a full-time job, the artist has been forced to only be able to make music on weekends due to lack of time and other commitments.

“Once I am able to quit this job, I’m going 100%,” says Driip.

The artist describes themselves as a laid back individual, who just chills and observes (others).

However, as an artist, Driip states that he’s more of a “wrestler” and likes to “go into the booth and flex” his “muscles.”

Other than being an artist, Driip states that he has always wanted to design clothes. He stated that in high school everyone wanted to copy his style and “run off with his swag.”

Driip believes that one of the hardest things about being in the music industry is that a lot of people promise things that they are unable to accomplish, and lie.

However, although there are ups and downs, Driip states he just continues to make music and work harder.

Regarding the artist’s influences, they comprise of “old” Soulja Boy and Lil B. The artist also previously made “based” freestyles on his friends cheap USB mic in early 2016.

Driips personal greatest achievement as an artist is when people contact the artist stating that songs they’ve made are BMG related. Driip also states that another personal achievement is people telling the artist that they’re the reason they started to rap.

Another achievement is”just seeing the [BMG] wave catch on,” states Driip.

BMG, also known as Big Muscle Gang, as covered in the Goji Bean Bryant interview, is a collective of artists and producers that aim to “muscle” their way to the top.


Dr. Driip with artists Goji Bean Bryant, and BBY GOYARD.

Dr. Dripp is the original creator of the group.

“I created it back when I first started making music. We used to be DRIPSET BIG MUSCLE GANG but then there was already a group named Dripset that was already established,” says the artist.

Driip then titled the group Big Muscle Gang as it was “to the point, original, and unheard of.”

The creator of BMG states that everyone in the group will become “superstars,” and that all members are hard workers with unique sounds.

Driip also states that the producers of the group always make hard beats and are “f******” with sounds that are rarely touched on.

“The sauce they bring to the table mixes together perfectly,” says the BMG creator.

However, BMG has also gone through hardships as well.

Driip states that his “righthand man” Juggmane Denni$ got arrested for armed robbery last April, and as both were the original creators of BMG, it affected the group deeply. At that moment it was just Driip and his producer Mun¢hrill who were pushing the group forward.

Since Juggmane’s arrest, however, BMG has recruited more individuals, including Goji, and more as of last November (2017) till now.

Driip would also like to work with “Lil B, Chief Keef, Black Kray, Shaquille O’Neal,
Xavier Wulf” and more.

The artist also says that readers can expect many more “Mu$cle” videos as they are on the way, more visuals as well as more shows for BMG.

Regarding Driip himself, he states that lots of new stuff are in the works and to be ready.

To stay up to date with Dr. Driips career, be sure to follow their social media accounts listed below:



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