Jakesands- Focusing On His Dreams


21-year-old Michigan producer Jakesands comes forward to speak about his hardships, his life growing up, what he does regarding Daily Chiefers, his producing, and more.

Let’s explore the Michigan producers mind.

The producer uses their real name as their music alias, being that of Jake Sands. However, Sands didn’t always go by his name.

Originally the producer went by Lilmacbook, but after dedicating themselves to the craft of making beats, Sands wanted every piece of content he created to be referred back to himself.

“Once I started making beats more often, I wanted everyone to know me as the same person so I just started using my real name for everything,” says Sands.

Growing up in Lansing, Michigan, Sands says that it was “chill.” Being the oldest sibling out of 4 children, the producer states that his parents are incredibly supportive of his craft.

“They’re definitely the most important aspect of my life,” says Sands.

The Michigan producer also states that he is very close with his siblings, and they always found things to do when growing up.

Sands father gave Sands a drum set when the producer was 5, which kickstarted the producer’s music career.


Jakesands, Chxpo, and Cvlt Leader in the studio.

Jakesand also played the drums and guitar with his brother Brayden while growing up. This led to Jake starting to make beats.

The 21-year-old producer tries to make 1 beat a day “at least,” however, he is a strong advocate for not forcing yourself to be creative when you are not feeling it. Sands also says that listening to his friend’s music also can help him feel creative.

Other than being a producer, and in the music scene, Sands says that he’s always had an interest in acting.

The producer describes himself as a “normal” individual who previously would party with his friends and be social, but in the last year, he has become more low-key.

Currently, Sands says that most times he’d rather be at home making beats than out socializing with friends.

The producer is also a member of Daily Chiefers, a hip-hop focused media platform that covers those in the music industry.

“Your higher source for hip-hop” states Chiefers in its social media bio.

Sands previously hosted songs on the platform, as well as DJ’d at various events for Chiefers. The producer also DJ’ed for Chxpo’s tour last year in representation of the hip-hop platform.

However, currently, Sands helps gather exclusives and scouts social media to find talented new artists to post on the platform.

“I stopped doing that [hosting songs] because I want to focus solely on producing,” says Sands.

The Michigan producer also comments that their greatest achievements so far include hanging with SpaceGhostPurrp and Members Only last year in Miami during the Chxpo tour.

Jakesands also gives advice to readers who are in the music industry.

Sands states that it is important to be yourself and not get caught up in the party life. Focus on your success and your career.

The producer also states that is important to surround yourself with those who have the same passion as you as it will drive you to succeed more.


“Focus on your success and your career,” says the Michigan producer.

“Work as hard as you can every day to perfect your craft. Be open-minded to advice but be careful at the same time, not everyone with a checkbook is your friend,” says Sands.

The producer also gives marketing advice.

Jakesands comments that it is important that you ensure your work is of the best quality it can be. Also by getting your work posted on media platforms such as Daily Chiefers, Internet Hippy, Elevator etc. it will give you more exposure.

“Don’t be afraid to simply reach out. Ask an artist what their best email is to send beats to,” says Sands.

The producer also states that he would like to work with DSavage and SmokeCamp Chino.

Readers can also look forward to a lot more content dropping by Sands. The producer states that he has music with NellMoney, Yeat, Lil House Phone, 95Reddo, and 10KDunkin all dropping this year.

To stay up to date with Jakesands career, be sure to follow his social media accounts listed below:

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