Moshpit- Bringing Dreams To Life


22-year-old DC born videographer Moshpit is bringing a new wave to the scene. With his striking technical skills, and the ability to bring visions to life, Moshpit is creating a powerful vibration, which can be felt internationally.

Let’s unearth who the man behind the camera is

The videographer has a unique alias, and Moshpit is one that I had to uncover.

Moshpit chose his title because of a significant moment in his life. The videographer was attending a mansion party in which his friends threw, and he had just been acquainted with underground music.

“The raw energy and fact that people were so in the moment [at the party] just amazed me, it was too much fun. That’s where I felt the name for my vlog that I was making at the time, should be called,” says Moshpit.

The logo, however, also has a unique hereditary in its design.

Due to being an avid fan of the manga series Naruto growing up, Moshpit gained inspiration from the series when designing his logo.

“The symbol of the Sharingan was brought along because it symbolizes the strength of being hip, and knowledgeable about what’s true and coming forward,” says Moshpit.

The videographer’s real name is JayJay.

JayJay was originally born in DC but grew up in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Growing up, Moshpit states that he was always an outsider, and never fit in. He was good at school, but never knew where he wanted his life to head.

At one stage Moshpit was going to go to school to study IT, to make his parents proud, but eventually found a different path to traverse.


Videographer, and creator of Moshpit, JayJay.

“I always worked hard at anything I tried and gave it 10000%. I didn’t really have time to spend with my parents growing up because they were both working every day, so I spent a lot of time by myself and my two friends I grew up with. I consider them closer than family now,” says JayJay.

In the beginning, Moshpit struggled with having a lack of equipment for his craft. The videographer initially recorded with his iPhone 6+, and edited on his laptop. His friend later allowed Moshpit to borrow his camera until JayJay could afford his own equipment.

Moshpit also struggled with not having a title made for himself, which made it difficult to begin his career.

“No one wanted to give me a chance and I didn’t know how to exactly come at an artist I wanted to work with. Eventually, I met the right people and worked non-stop to make sure that my art spoke for itself,” says Moshpit.

The DC born videographer also battles with his need to be patient. Moshpit states that he becomes anxious about his future, and his desire for his visuals to improve, and wanting development to happen overnight. The videographer, however, reminds himself that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

“One of the biggest hardships I’ve faced is presenting a new idea or aspect of ways to look at things. Introducing a new form of art to people that are so accustomed to the regular and “standard” production of music videos, never comes easy,” says Moshpit.

Moshpit comments that he is challenging peoples norms, and people don’t always accept his vision. However, he is determined in his craft and the direction he is taking his videography and visuals.

Moshpit also describes his process of making music videos, and the details surrounding his craft.

JayJay states that his favourite music video is “Without Me” by artist Eminem. The videographer would watch many music videos while growing up, but this specific one resonated with him the most.

Regarding how he makes music videos, Moshpit states that the process differs per song, artist, vibes, and his influences at the time.

“Sometimes I’m looking at art and make a more artist influenced video like the Jamal Crawford Freestyle by WIFIGAWD, or the Marvel video by Lil Xelly. Sometimes it’s a really hype video, or a smooth track,” says Moshpit.

The videographer comments that from there, he determines the appropriate background and settings to fit the song. After this selection, comes the decision on what camera angles to use and what shots are to be used to convey the mood and tone JayJay is trying to get across to watchers.

Editing comes next.

Focusing on why Moshpit decided to create CGI and cityscapes for his music videos, JayJay would have scenes in his head and he needed to find a way to create these scenes for the screen. To get his imagination and vision alive, he learned CGI and the ability to create cityscapes.

JayJay also comments that if he wasn’t a videographer, he would’ve either liked to teach people the craft, go to school to study Quantum Physics, or open his own restaurant.

Moshpit also comments on his own personal greatest achievement. He states that his is being able to pursue his own dream, and help others pursue theirs too.

“The other day I took a moment, took a step back and had an outlook on what I’ve done in the last year. I realized that I went from a dream of being able to do what I’m doing, to actually doing [it],” says Moshpit.


Moshpit’s logo, influenced by Naruto.

Moshpit also describes himself as determined and motivated to help progress visual art, give a new outlook, create new ideas, and show new possibilities of what visual art can be.

“I’m very determined to make shed a new light to the DMV’s scene and really show the world some very rare talent,” says the 22-year-old videographer.

The videographer looks at manga, comics, culture, and art for inspiration, as well as individuals.

Regarding creators, Moshpit looks at George Lucas, J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Hype Williams, and Kanye West.

“I’m really active on social media so I see a lot of peoples work and a lot of videos look really similar, so I make sure to myself that whatever I am putting out, is in my eyes, “art”, so I can help the world progress in its visual craft,” says Moshpit.

The videographer also gives advice.

Moshpit explains that giving back to the [music] community is important. Focus on progressing and helping the community move forward, don’t just take [away from it].

Being you is also important, and don’t give up. Focus on pushing yourself and your craft, and have faith in yourself.

Moshpit also highlights his favourite artists and producers in the underground music scene currently.

His favourite current producers consist of Trip Dixon, Genshin, Tony Seltzer, BRENTRAMBO and BasedTj.

Meanwhile, his favourite artists are those in Goth Money, Lil Xelly, Wifigawd, The Khan, Big Baby Scumbag, Q Da Fool, members of Shoreline Mafia, and DRAKEO The Ruler.

The videographer also has a lot more content in the work. JayJay is planning on throwing Moshpit shows, opening an official street clothing brand, and push more artistic details into his music videos and craft.

” I’ve come up with a revolutionary new way to give the world videos which will innovate the way they’re put together and dropped,” says Moshpit.

Moshpit would also like to work with Yung Gleesh, ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, and Travis Scott.

“They are people that I believe my creativity will foster the most with,” says Moshpit.

To stay up to date with Moshpit’s career, be sure to follow his social media accounts listed below:


Thank you JVLES, Dontsleep, Deegs, and Kevin Kazi, for your contribution to the article.

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