Deegs- Focused On His Vision


19-year-old Toronto based producer Deegs, a member of Club Evil, speaks about his musical journey, his struggle with mental health, his dreams, passions, and more.

Time to illuminate who this producer is.

Toronto producer Deegs hasn’t always lived in Canada.

The producer originally comes from El Salvador, but travelled to Toronto in the year 2000 with his mother.

The producer, whose real name is Diego, chose the title Deegs as it is a common abbreviation for his name. He needed something short and sweet, which the alias “Deegs” embodies.

Deegs also comments that the word “Deegs” is also slang for a gram of weed in Toronto.

The Toronto producer comments that for most of his life it’s just been his mother, and him. The two of them travelled from El Salvador together.

Deeg’s states that his mother was young when he was born, and she lived a stressful life at the time, including having financial struggles.

The producer states that as time went on he learned how to make the most of the living situation, and his life. This made it easier for Deegs, and helped his mother.

The 19-year-old producer also speaks about Toronto regarding the music scene.

Deegs states that the cities general rap audience is mostly close-minded, and many music videos consist of groups of individuals holding bottles of Hennesy in hotel rooms, or parking garages.

The producer comments that many of these individuals are attempting to get signed by OVO, most known by being founded by hip-hop star Drake.

The producer states that he would never have made it locally [become successful], but due to the internet, he can create an impact.

Deegs also comments on other various struggles he faced when growing up.

The 19-year-old producer states that he lost his best friend due to an overdose on drugs. Deegs witnessed the overdose.

Deegs has also been involved in negative relationships, and has been addicted to Benzodiazepines (Benzo’s) in the past.

However, he comments that music has motivated him to make the best of his life, and he has his future to look forward to.


19-year-old Toronto producer Deegs.

“The only thing that kept pushing me was [my] music and the hopes that if I worked hard enough things would get better. They did,” says Deegs.

The producer states that growing up he listened to a lot of metal music. At age 8 he began listening to bands such as AC/DC, and Van Halen, but as time went on he began to indulge into heavier styled music.

By age 11 Deegs began listening to bands like Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, Children of Bodom and Suicide Silence.

“I think metal music shares a lot in common with rap nowadays. They both have the same energy to them,” says Deegs.

Metal plays a large influence in Deeg’s music he claims.

However, Deeg’s other musical influences include Chief Keef, Young Chop, and Ethan Kath. All these individuals have had an influence on Deeg’s music, as well as hip-hop music in itself.

“He’s [Ethan Kath] a huge [music] influence of mine at the moment and being that we are both from Toronto, I think that adds to the connection I feel with his work,” says the Toronto producer.

The producer is a part of a producer-exclusive group called Club Evil. This group consists of members Dontsleep, Deegs, M2K, Wes, and more.

Deegs comments that his own greatest achievement is the complete turn around that he has led his life. He states that from suffering from a debilitating mental health and being involved in toxic relationships until December 2017, to being where he is now, he’s proud of his work.

The producer also comments that he also made lifelong friendships, and has also achieved over 500 thousand plays across 10 songs.

“Goes to show that no matter how bad it gets, there’s always a light,” says Deegs.

Deegs also describes himself as energetic, with ideas constantly flowing and “bouncing around.” The producer states that his friends think he’s crazy, but they also think he’s a genius as well.

“I’m pretty reserved around new people but if I like someone, or get good vibes from them, I make friends ridiculously fast,” says Deegs.

The producer also talks about his music making method.

Deegs comments that he only makes music if he’s inspired, or has ideas in his mind. He states that if he pushes himself to create when not inspired, he will “sit at his computer and get frustrated.”

The Toronto producer states that he usually makes one beat every 2 weeks as he is a perfectionist. If he doesn’t like a beat he’s creating within the first 5 minutes, he will delete it and start over.

“I really envy producers who can just sit at their computers and go with the flow, and pump beats out like crazy,” says Deegs.

Regarding advice, Deegs states to be yourself and make music that you like, and that you’d listen to if you were the listener, and not the creator.

Deegs reinforces this by stating that audiences are able to relate more to someone who appears human, rather than just a brand or icon. The producer states that being yourself is the best advice.

“It’s all about doing what you like and liking what you do,” says Deegs.

Other than making music, the producer states that he’s always wanted to start a clothing brand. Deegs wants to create death metal styled clothing of himself and his friends that buyers can wear like it’s their favourite band.

Producer Deegs states that he has music coming with artists Steele11 and Savage Ga$p releasing shortly. Deegs has a lot of content just dropping with Steele11 as well.

The producer also comments that readers can look forward to music with JVLES, and Kappa as well.

“I don’t really like working with a lot of different people. I like to keep my beats on the more exclusive side so if we have songs together then I really f*** with you,” says Deegs.

The producer would also like to work with Lil Uzi Vert.

To stay up to date with the Deegs career, be sure to follow his social media accounts listed below.

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