Sol Jay- Turning Dreams to Reality


17-year-old Utah artist Sol Jay speaks about his upbringing within a strict, and religious household, his battle with racism, his career, ambitions, and more.

Time to unearth the Utah artist.

The Utah artist, born in Los Angeles, California, had a unique and straight-forward way of choosing their musical alias.

The artist’s real name is Sol Jimenez.

Sol wanted a catchy and original stage name, so he took the first letter of his last name and turned it into “Jay,” removing the other letters as he did so.

“It ended up sticking and I think it has a nice ring to it,” says Sol Jay.

Growing up, Sol Jay states that his biggest obstacle has been his parents. Up until Sol was age 6, his mother was a single parent until she met Sol’s now current father. They got married a year later.

From grade 1 to 6, Sol and his family lived with his best friend and mother. Sol comments that this was a casually religious household.

Sol’s parents also display disappointment if Sol doesn’t reach their set level of expectations. They threaten to take the artists belongings away, but he respects their wishes and rule as he acknowledges he lives in their household.

Growing up, Sol also states that he suffered at the hands of racist comments, and people who mocked the young artist’s career choice but now attempt to befriend the artist. Sol, however, just keep his head down and works now.

Sol Jay reflects on the beginning of career, and comments that his biological dad gave him the opportunity to begin.

Through being given the gift of Ableton Live for his 13th birthday, Sol began to practice producing, and from there, recording.

However, it wasn’t until he was 16 that Sol began to use autotune and find his “sound.”

The Utah artist also states that his first best achievement was gaining 1000 followers on SoundCloud. However, now the artist states that his personal greatest achievement was making a song with David Shawty, one of Sol’s influences.


17-year-old Utah artist Sol Jay.

Another is getting 1000 likes on a song, and 300 thousand plays on a feature.

Sol’s biggest influence he comments is Drake. He states that in 2009 he heard Drake’s music on the radio frequently, which started his interest in hip-hop.

Two artists that influenced Sol’s recent music are both Trippie Redd, and David Shawty.

Other than music, Sol would also like to get into modeling, and acting. Sol comments that he was a child actor and model when he lived in L.A. His mother was also involved in modeling and acting.

“Who knows, maybe I’ll branch back into that as I continue growing,” says Sol Jay.

As a person, Sol states that he’s quiet and reserved. However, when needing to be extroverted, he can be. This includes when Sol is creating business connections with others.

Sol also comments that he’s nice unless treated negatively.

“My image as an artist is basically how I am in person,” says the Utah artist.

The artist also states that he tries to finish 3 songs a week. If he receives an impressive beat, he will freestyle on it and see if he can attain a catchy flow. If Sol likes the flow, he will record the melody and flow down. From there, he will write lyrics.

“That’s how all my songs come about. There’s no schedule, I just try to finish at least 3 songs a week,” says Sol Jay.

The artist also gives advice to readers who are in the industry or wish to join.

Sol states to be yourself, and don’t spam links everyone as it will damage your credibility and potential connections.

“Once you find your image, stick with it,” says Sol.

The artist states that artists should not rely on anyone, and instead let your music speak for itself. Collaborate with great artists, and get on good producers beats to increase your following and impact.

“Other than that, I’ve just been dropping bangers and letting the people flock to it,” says Sol Jay.

The Utah artist has his first mixtape coming out within the next few months titled “Under Ground Kings.” Sol states that everyone’s favourite artists and producers will be in it.

Sol would also like to work with Trippie Redd, and Lil Uzi Vert in the future.

To stay up to date with Sol Jay’s career, be sure to follow his social media accounts listed below:

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