M2K- Bridging the Gap


18-year-old UK producer, M2K, a member of the producer exclusive group Club Evil, speaks about his craft, the underground music scene in the UK, his hardships, and more.

Time to uncover who this producer is.

The 18-year-old producer lives in Bristol, England. He was also born in England as well.

Regarding how he chose his alias, a unique one at that, M2K relates it back to his love for video games.

The producer has used his alias as his name when playing video games, and later applied it as his producer title. It’s a combination of the first letter of his name [M] and the year that he was born [2k/2000].

“A lot of people think I took the name from some Super Smash Bro’s player but I didn’t,” says M2K.

M2K states that one of his hardest struggles was dealing with the loss of his cousin due to suicide who passed 2 years ago, as well as his battle with his mental health.



“A lot of people think I took the name from some Super Smash Bro’s player but I didn’t,” says M2K.


The UK producer comments that one of his issues is that he likes to internalise his problems and try to deal with them by himself, rather than seeking help from external sources.

Growing up, M2K states that he conflicted his parents a lot, but now this conflict is resolved. He is thankful for having 2 parents who support him.

“Like I mentioned [before] my cousin’s suicide had a huge effect on all of us so we struggled and still struggle with it,” says M2K.

M2K describes himself as someone that just acts like himself, and does not try to act like someone he is not. As a producer, M2K also just acts like himself, and makes beats that resonate with who he is.

“I like to be myself in everything I do,” says M2K.

I also asked M2K to elaborate on the UK underground scene, and it’s comparison to the US equivalent.

M2K describes the UK scene as completely different as both producers and artists are making completely different music/sounds to the US.

“There are some really talented people in the UK but I’d say there is less of a focus on underground talent which is something I take issue with in any culture or scene,” says M2K.

The producer also states that his greatest achievement is being a part of the producer exclusive group titled Club Evil.

I previously have interviewed members of Club Evil. These include Sydney-based producer Dontsleep, and Toronto-based producer Deegs.

M2k explains Club Evil as a producer collective with members all throughout the world who are talented and determined to succeed, and make new and exciting sounds.

“Our plan is to change the perception of what producer groups do and to stand out as making unique and fire music. As well as to show that you don’t have to come from a certain place to be talented and make good music,” says M2K.

Regarding M2K’s beat making, the producer states that he tries and makes a certain number of beats a week to stop himself being complacent with where he is at, and stop himself from being lazy.

“Sometimes I’ll sit at my computer and will make like 5 beats in a row and sometimes I’ll make only one or just leave something unfinished. I’m jealous of people who can just make like 10 beats a day with no problems,” says M2K.

The producer started being involved with music at age 8 when he played the drums. M2K got acquainted with the pacing of songs, and rhythm as well at this age.

At age 13 the UK producer stopped playing the drums, and only played around with Audacity and Adobe Audition until age 17. This is the age that M2K installed FL Studio, and began his professional career.

M2K’s modern musical influences include artists Frank Ocean, Playboi Carti, and Lil Uzi Vert to name a few. At a young age, the UK producer listened to rock music, but never really listened to rap or hip-hop styled music.

At age 10, M2K began listening to dubstep, and drum and bass which influenced the producers later beat-making style.

“I like my stuff a little more bassy,” says M2K.

M2K also gives advice to readers.

The producer states that it’s important to be yourself, both as a person and in your music. He comments that if you’re unique and be yourself, people will notice. However, if you act generic, people will not look twice at you.

M2K also likes to hide his face from his music image and prefers to let his beats speak for themselves. However, if he likes you and what you’re doing regarding your craft, he shows his face.



M2K also likes to hide his face from his music image and prefers to let his beats speak for themselves.


The 18-year-old UK producer also has many songs in his vault which will drop throughout the coming months, with many artists and producers.

The Club Evil tape is also in the works, as is the Loser Life tape. Stay tuned for both tapes, and all coming music from M2K.

M2K would also like to work with Frank Ocean, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Lil Skies, and Kendrick Lamar in the future.

To stay up to date with M2K’s career, be sure to follow his social media account listed below:


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