WakeUpWes- A Rising Talent


A producer name that is becoming more common to be found on rising artists songs, such as Steele11, 20-year-old New Jersey producer WakeUpWes is creating a musical portfolio that will leave a powerful legacy behind.

Time to uncover this producer, and their story.

The producer comments that originally he had a more “generic” producer alias, and wasn’t always known as WakeUpWes.

However, the producer wanted for his beat vocal tag to say “wake up Wes.”

From then on, the producer decided that this was the alias he wanted to be known as.

“I really just loved that name so I stuck with it,” says the New Jersey producer.

Wes also states that his greatest musical influences are Chief Keef, 808 Mafia, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Wayne. The producer also previously watched Southside on Periscope, which fueled Wes’ motivation to start producing.

The producer also speaks on his musical beginnings.

Wes comments that everyone in his town was becoming involved in music, and a “buzz” was started to form. Rap was becoming more of a common hobby within his town, but Wes states that he couldn’t rap.


20-year-old producer WakeUpWes.

The 20-year-old producer wanted to take a more “lowkey” approach to music, and started to produce beats.

“I couldn’t rap to save my life and it’s not really my scene,” says WakeUpWes.

The producer now comments that they have over 400 thousand plays on their SoundCloud for songs he has produced.

WakeUpWes has also produced alongside ForeignGotEm for artist Famous Dex. Wes states that this is his own greatest musical achievement thus far.

The producer is also a member of the producer-exclusive group Club Evil.

Growing up, Wes states that he had a great childhood and that he can’t complain. The producer was born to young parents in Camden, New Jersey.

Wes comments that his father moved and took him to a more safe neighborhood as well.

The producer’s parents did not understand what Wes was doing at the beginning regarding his beat creating, and thought he was wasting his time. However, once they discovered that Wes was making money off of his career, they started to approve.

The producer also endured a few hardships along his musical journey.

Wes claims that the actual process of learning to produce proved to be one of his biggest hardships.

The New Jersey producer stopped for a period of 6 months initially due to the difficulty he had with the process [of beat making]. During this period, Wes became educated with the software FL Studio.

“I think the key to perseverance in that time was just to keep learning and learning,” says WakeUpWes.

I also asked Wes to describe himself.

Wes states that he is a laidback and seemingly carefree individual. However, if his income or relationship comes under “fire,” Wes will retaliate.

The producer also states that he produces out of his love for the craft, and not necessarily the money that forms as a result of it [producing].

“I like to lab [collaborate] with people I’ve never worked with. I make beats almost every day. I don’t really do it for the money,” says WakeUpWes.

The producer also states that if his musical career doesn’t work out, he would like to still be involved in music and entertainment. In particular, Wes would like to work with Complex, Lyrical Lemonade, or any record label.

Wes also claims that he doesn’t have a schedule for his beat making.

The producer gives advice as well.

Wes states that practice is important, and to find a sound you love and continually work on it.

Finding friends in a friendly community is also important as they can provide support, and help promote your content. Feedback can also be received this way.

Wes also states to be active in all forms of social media, and to choose a marketing image that is attractive to others but is still “you.”

The producer would also like to work with artists Summrs, Weiland, Lil Tracy, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, and Gunna.

The New Jersey producer also has music coming out shortly alongside artists Steele11, Nev Ver, and Sol Jay.

The Club Evil Vol.1 tape is also dropping late October.

To stay up to date with WakeUpWes’ career, be sure to follow his social media accounts listed below:



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