Messiuh- Religions Antagonist


18 year-old San Francisco artist Messiuh has strong views on religion, and channels his emotions into his music. With a focus on loyalty, and leadership above all, Messiuh uses his craft to let his heart and mind speak. The artist also has work with Steele11, and others.

Time to explore the 18-year-old artist’s mind.

The title Messiuh was created back in the days of the PS3 console. The artist comes from a European background, and religion is involved heavily in his family’s lifestyle.

However, the name isn’t to demonstrate Messiuh’s religious values or interests. Rather, it’s the opposite.

Messiuh chose the name to antagonise those that take religion too seriously. The artist comments that he is an atheist.

“I’ve always been a leader no matter what I do in life, so the name kind of stuck,” says Messiuh.


18-year-old artist Messiuh believes in loyalty, and love, above all else. Source:

Growing up, the artist comments that his family life has always been in a “weird state.”

Messiuh and his parents never saw things the same, and would often conflict with each other. He states that this was due to his attitude and outlook on life.

However, now their relationship has improved.

Messiuh is thankful for everything that his parents have provided for him. He believes that they have helped shaped him toward the person he is currently.

The 18-year-old artist explains himself also.

Being both compassionate, and loyal, Messiuh explains that leadership is his most important trait. The artist also comments that he only associates with 4 people, outside of his music friendships.

As an artist, however, Messiuh comments that all of his music is emotionally-focused.

“Every song I make has deep meaning and can be used to decipher my life,” says the artist.

The artist has also battled with mental illness, particularly anxiety and depression. This battle became increasingly difficult in high school.

Messiuh states that before music, he internalised his feelings and struggles. This exacerbated the struggles he was dealing with.

However, the artist states that with music, he is now able to convey his thoughts and feelings into his songs, and use it as an outlet.

“My music is a direct look into my life, and the emotion of the songs I drop reflect how I feel myself,” says Messiuh.

The artist was originally acquainted to music through his close friend, and fellow artist, “notJeorge.”

Messiuh’s friend showed him how important it is to express yourself and your emotions. Messiuh fell in love with music immediately.

Besides music, Messiuh comments that he’s interested in economy. If he doesn’t continue to pursue his music career, he’d become invested in the field of economy.

The artist also states that creating relationships with others due to a shared interest in music is one of Messiuh’s favourite achievements.

Messiuh also likes striving to surpass his current musical skills constantly.

None of Messiuh’s songs are freestyled, he comments, and the artist generally takes up to 3 weeks to finish music.

Multiple songs are often released at once. The following few days, Messiuh focuses on mastering these new songs, and starts gathering inspiration for his next song/s.

Messiuh also believes that it is important to be yourself, and focus on what makes you unique. By doing so, you will develop a “natural” marketing image for your craft.

“My image online is how I am in real life. Nothing is left out or fabricated,” says Messiuh.

The artist wants readers to know that they have a tape releasing soon with Florida artist, Steele11.

A podcast with Steele11 can be found here.

New singles will be releasing afterward rapidly.

To stay up to date with the Messiuh’s career, be sure to follow his social media accounts listed below:

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