Goyxrd- A Producer To Watch


16-year-old Richmond producer Goyxrd has been creating a name for themselves in such a short period of time. From starting their production career at the beginning of this year [2018], to working with bigger artists and creating a growing musical portfolio, Goyxrd is a producer to watch.

Time to explore Goyxrd’s mind.

16-year-old producer Goyxrd is from Richmond, Virginia.

The young producer comments that there is no “history” or meaning behind his alias, Goyxrd. They just liked the way the name looked, and sounded.

Growing up, Goyxrd states that he struggled at a young age with his parent’s separation. The producer was forced to move schools constantly, with Goyxrd never staying at a school for more than a year at a time.

Goyxrd moved houses frequently with his mother, and 2 sisters. The producer comments that he lived in some bad areas of Richmond, and was faced with encountering some bad experiences at a young age.

The producer only felt safe as a kid at his grandparents, as they lived in a nice, and safe suburb. Goyxrd also knew people there, and had friendships in that location.

The 16-year-old producer started to make beats on GarageBand in January 2018. This was the beginning of Goyxrd’s production career.

However, Goyxrd comments that he didn’t take his producing “seriously” until three months later in April, 2018.

The producer also had a few varying inspirations when he started his career.

These inspirations were PoloBoyShawty, MexikoDro, XanGang, and Zaytoven.

The producer is also heavily inspired by R&B music, as well as Jazz.

Goyxrd also comments that he could not envision himself pursuing any other career path. He believes that music is the right path for himself to pursue.

When asked to describe himself, Goyxrd believes that he is a likable individual, and he exhibits a relaxed persona. The producer also comments that he believes he is very versatile in his beat production.

“I don’t only make “Plug” beats. I can also create all moods in my beats,” says Goyxrd.

The young producer also elaborates on his own greatest personal achievement.

Goyxrd states that producing for the artist Summrs is one of his greatest achievements as the producer had been an avid listener of Summrs for some time.

“I’ve always wanted to produce for him [Summrs], even before I started making beats,” says Goyxrd.

The producer also comments that he has another big announcement coming up, however, he cannot speak on it at this moment.

The Richmond producer also gives advice to those in the music scene.

Goyxrd comments that being different is important, as it enables you to stand out from others. The producer is also an advocate for hard work.

“Always remember that hard work pays off,” says Goyxrd.

Regarding producer specific tips, Goyxrd comments that posting 1-3 samples a month on SoundCloud (or relevant music posting platform) is important.

Communication is also important, as is sending beats to artists you like.

Goyxrd also gives an insight into his music schedule. The producer comments that they usually create beats at night due to their creativity being more accessible at this period. However, it ultimately depends on their mood and/or emotions.

The producer would also like to work with artists Chief Keef, Lil Tracy, and UnoTheActivist.

Regarding producers, Goyxrd would like to work with Zaytoven, PoloBoyShawty, and DP Beats.

The producer also has a few songs coming out with bigger artists soon. A tape is also in the works.

To stay up to date with Goyxrd’s production career, be sure to follow their social media accounts linked below:

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