Dark Rose Podcast #15- Lil Polearm/ Halberd


On this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on an individual named Evan. However, what makes Evan so unique is that he releases music under two different titles- Lil Polearm, and also Halberd.

I hadn’t realised, until after this podcast, that I had been hearing Halberds lofi music all over YouTube without even releasing it. Being a large fan of lofi styled music, I was excited to bring Evan on.

In this podcast, we cover Evan’s rise with music, his life growing up, his greatest achievements, Halberd vs Lil Polearm stories, video games, and lots more.

I hope you enjoy.

Halberd SoundCloud: @polearm
Lil Polearm SoundCloud: @lilpolearm
Lil Polearm Instagram: www.instagram.com/lilpolearm/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kylelhughes/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/klhwriting/
Twitter: twitter.com/Writerbard

Featured song: Lonely by Lil Polearm (Prod. by Halberd)

Recommend Album: Talk To Me When I’m Sober by The Lucys

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