Dark Rose Podcast #20- Club Evil


On this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, things are a little different. Instead of interviewing one personality, I bring on a group of producers from the mostly producer-exclusive group, Club Evil. 5 members of Club Evil make up this podcast.

These members consist of the producers, DEEGS, LUCID, M2K, WAKEUPWES, and dontsleep.

On this podcast, I cover each member’s greatest achievements, hardships, how their sound formed, and more. We also cover some complex topics.

I hope you enjoy.

DEEGS SoundCloud: @proddeegs
M2K Instagram: www.instagram.com/m2kbeats/
WAKEUPWES SoundCloud: @wakeupwes
dontsleep SoundCloud: @proddontsleep
LUCID Instagram: www.instagram.com/madebylucid/

Featured Song: Luv Me Hoe Part 3 by Steele11 ( Prod. DEEGS, and LUCID)

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