Dark Rose Podcast #28- Us Vs. The World


NOTE: If you’d like to sponsor a future episode of Dark Rose Podcast, please contact me via email or social media. Each ad space includes 10-30 seconds of dialogue, and a short write up and link in the description.

In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on Jay Danza, one of the founders of the platform, Us Vs. The World.

Us Vs. The World has a blog, and many other features, and often throws shows around America with various upcoming and prominent underground artist and producers. The platform also has between 15-20 members.

In this podcast episode, we cover the history of the blog over its 3-year span, tips and tricks on how to run and throw a show, where the blog is headed, and lots more.

I hope you enjoy!

Jay Danza Twitter: twitter.com/_jaydanza

Us Vs. The World Twitter: twitter.com/UsVersusWorld
Us Vs. The World Instagram: www.instagram.com/usversusworld/
Us Vs. The World Blog: usversusworld.com/
Us Vs. The World SoundCloud: @usversusworld

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