Dark Rose Podcast #29- ATBM


On this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on the owner of ATBM radio, Meagan-Rosé.

Meagan has been associated with various aspects of the underground. From DJing, to curating mixtapes, and lots more, Meagan is deeply engrained in the underground culture.

In this podcast episode, we cover Meagan’s life, especially with the hardships of raising both her child, and younger brother, whilst pursuing music-related passions, and a career. We also cover how Meagan got started, her thoughts on the underground, and lots more!

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who got involved in this podcast episode, and sent questions through.

NOTE: If you’d like to sponsor a future episode of Dark Rose Podcast, please contact me via email or social media. Each ad space includes 10-30 seconds of dialogue, and a short write up and link in the description.

ATBM SoundCloud: @astoldbymeagan
ATBM Twitter: twitter.com/AsToldByMeagan
ATBM Instagram: www.instagram.com/astoldbymeagan/

Featured Song: My Type by Weiland (Prod. by Lukrative x Suni Vega)

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