About me

Kyle Hughes is the owner and writer of KLH Writing – a platform in which explores various topics included in the media sphere. These include issues, personalities, stories, and more.

Through the unearthing of stories, exploration of creative topics, and a consistent ambition to be a reputable and powerful writer, Kyle hopes to bring forth change to the world through his words.

Kyle mainly covers the underground music and culture scene, and gives a platform for emerging talent to have their story told. However, he also likes exploring and providing coverage on important topics found within the media.

Kyle also hosts Dark Rose Podcast: a podcast that focuses on bringing forth the story of creative’s to be heard by the masses, and covering important topics.

Kyle is currently studying journalism at the University of New South Wales, (UNSW), Australia. He is in his final trimester.

Freelance Writing:

Being a freelance writer and journalist, Kyle has covered and specialised in a range of niches: from music and culture journalism, writing press releases and biographies for musicians, to writing content for blogs and B2B/B2C publications.


  • Underground Underdogs
  • Underground Vampire Club
  • Pelcro
  • The Urban List Sydney
  • Newsworthy

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