The Media Industries and Ownership


Who owns the media and why is it important? The issue of media ownership is a large concern in recent periods due to large amounts of news sources being exposed as being bias and multiple being controlled by the same individual. It is important to acknowledge who owns the media sources you consume as it means it’ll influence the information that is being produced. If you investigate into the ownership of the media sources you consume you will often acknowledge that most are ruled by an individual with lots of wealth and thus is able to use their power to influence the production of various stories written.

Rupert Murdoch is one individual who controls many media sources as shown by the hyperlink provided, and is the sole owner of Fox News and other Fox programs. This is important because it gives light to the issue that without understanding who owns the media sources you consume, the information you absorb may perhaps be biased and thus affect your perception towards various issues. It is very difficult to find a news source that provides unbiased information due to this issue. The link provided supposedly provides news sources that provide unbiased information however with most cases, investigating yourself is crucial in finding a source that relates closest to you.

In regards to my trust in relation to news sources i say this, no matter how much you trust something always be conscience that it may still perhaps be influenced by other individuals or sources, so always investigate yourself into what you consume as it is very important and will affect your perception towards concepts occurring.

I am a fan of the British newspaper “The Guardian” due to its independence allowing it to focus on the freedom of speech in relation to its distribution of information. This is made possible due to the “Scott Trust Fund” which focuses on making sure that the news source remains free from “high powers” influencing their content and remaining independent. It provides high factual reporting meaning it places having correct and well informed facts in its reports. However with most sources it still does have its problems and that being it bends towards that of being “left-wing” rather than completely unbiased.

The most pivotal point i wish you to get from this post is that you must investigate into the sources you consume and research everything. It is very important that you do this to get as close to unbiased content as you can. If you do this you will become closer to becoming more “media-aware.”



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