Loot Box: A form of GAMBLING?

Video games have been an industry for decades now, entertaining individuals with their robust stories and competitive multiplayer modes. Everything seemed quite well, with the occasional scare which is to be expected in any industry, however recently a new design has entered the video game world.

How do you get BETTER results?

Yes, you’ve probably heard it all before. The famous question, “Do you need to write in a particular location to achieve the best results?”

Many young (and sometimes experienced too) writers come forth and are stumped on whether location leads to successful writing sessions. Some individuals may find themselves in a period of “writer’s block” and thus, ask the question believing that their period of being unable to write is solely due to the location in which they write.

Social Media: Does it AFFECT our mental health?

Social media, is it really social?

According to “Social Media Statistics Australia” in August of 2017, 17 million users are active on Facebook in Australia, there are 5 million active Instagram users as well as 4 million active daily Snapchat users to name but just a few.

The YouTube Adpocalypse

YouTube, the biggest video-sharing website in the world. Millions of registered users upload content daily to be shared with their audiences, new and old. From video blogs (vlogs) to trick shot videos, there is a video for everyone.

Journalism: A Slow Death

Do you know what is ironic?

I am currently studying for a job in a field that is on its downward path. I am investing both time and money into a path that may no longer hold the same importance as it does now. I constantly enter the field searching for stories, interviewing various individuals, gaining their thoughts towards topics and it terrfies me that I may not even have a job once I graduate. That all this hard work may not even ‘pay off’.