I cannot wait to change the world with my writing. That is my ultimate goal, to change the world to be better than it was while I was alive. A lot of events are occurring globally that can be deemed worrying; we check our social media accounts religiously watching all these events being reported upon, potentially worrying us. Do not fear, however, trust yourself and focus on the good within your life. These events could potentially only be temporary so focus on things that matter, like your future.

My dream is to shape this world, potential change it and leave a legacy behind. Now more than ever, I wish to save people and most of all, make people feel. For them to notice their heart beat, feel the cool Autumn breeze brush past their face gently and watch sunrises, basking in the warm sunlight contrasted by the chill in the morning air. I want people to really feel, not just accept their life for what it is but what it can be rather. People need a dream, and I want my words to encourage people to reach for them, even if it takes their whole life, they’ll die happily knowing their life goal is now fulfilled and have left behind a legacy.

This is what I want.

The desire for change

I’ve been thinking recently of my future more often than i normally would and i’m analysing various aspects in which i could and at  times, should change. I’m thinking of my dreams and aspirations and how i should obtain them, and even why i should. I am very invested in my life and my thoughts. I am reading both fiction and news articles, writing in various different genres to try and improve my skills, and more often than not, staring into the far horizon trying to grasp meaning to the things in which i do. I feel as if i have hit a point in my life in which i am searching for meaning for my existence and it is consuming me. Not in a bad way however, rather it has opened my perspective into pursuing new and invigorating thoughts rather than settling for common paths of thinking.

This post isn’t just a bundle of mismatched and random thoughts but rather i wanted readers to understand that it is okay to be unsure of who you are and what you are doing. It is never too late to stop and reconsider aspects of your life and desire change. What i do believe is wrong though is acknowledging your desire for change but doing nothing about it, settling for the life in which you are living due to fear or other factors. We have one life, and as easy as it is to say that, it is true. We are not immortal so please i implore you, live a life that makes you happy and you shall not regret it.

If you are to take one thing away from this post it is that it is okay to feel different and to desire change, and please pursue the wants you have with every fibre of your soul.


Change: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/change

“to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.”

Existential Crisis

The other night I visited Sydney Observatory with my girlfriend. It was an amazing night with my greatest companion learning about the furthest reaches of known space. We are more insignificant than you think which is why we must work together rather than remain in constant hostility towards one another. I felt incredibly small that night. The world’s enormous, truly unfathomable to our current level of understanding. To explore it we must do great deeds, every day, and every moment. We can do it.

Knowing that there is a limitless amount of life out there surely gets me excited. What about you?

With you

I want a love that burns so passionately, we both know that we shall always have each others back, even if it’s us against the world. I want people to say,” They are still together?” and we both laugh because they doubted us and we overcame their disbelief. I want running in the rain under a thunderous sky smiling because this is just another of our many adventures that we so often participate in. I want to go to lookouts and scream our lungs out, doing ridiculous imitations of each other, followed by a swift embrace of many kisses, acting as if it’s our last moment together. I want cute letters sent to each other, detailing our powerful connection and the various qualities that we find perfection in, in relation to our other soul, our lover- you and I.

I just want the strongest form of love, where even if the world fell to ruin tomorrow, we’d know we still had each other- the universe could not separate us. I want all of this with you.tumblr_oah9p8nabk1tuzt6qo1_500

Please understand

Don’t you understand, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me? I’m too afraid to speak about you in the chance that somebody may discover how grand you are and take you from me. I am afraid that somebody else will love you. Even the thought crushes me like a cataclysmic tidal wave, hoping to squeeze all breath from my lungs. You may not be perfect, oh no that we can agree upon and vice versa, but I accept all your traits and idiosyncrasies and idolise them.

You have become so beautiful to me over time once I have travelled your mind and learnt its dwellings. I do not wish to lose that connection we hold. Please just understand that when I say it’s us against the world, I truly mean it.

Make tomorrow, today

I’m not sure what is going on anymore, for things are moving by so  quickly and I am not granted enough time to ponder over the events in  which have already preceded. Life has become chaotic and I know it’s not  just me that has felt it, for others, i have spoken with have stated the  same thing. We spend so much time working towards the future and our  aspirations but by doing so we fail to enjoy the now, the present. It’s cruelty because what if we are never satisfied but rather continue  striving for something we do not know of, just hoping that the finale is  better than the current situation. Maybe it’s because by doing so we  hope to create a better present because tomorrow never comes, tomorrow  becomes today, and today becomes yesterday and the cycle continues like a  clock passing by the hours, reaching 12 and continuing back to 1. 

Rather than focusing on a better tomorrow, why don’t we focus on creating a better today? It shall surely cure many of our problems and we can take each day as it comes, opposed to waiting for a day that shall never come- tomorrow.