Carli Glubok- From then to now

Carli Glubok, the first personality in which I interviewed within the media sphere, speaks about what she has been up to since the previous article. Carli Glubok is a model located in California who is achieving big things, even against great odds.


Kevin Kazi- A star whose continued success cannot be extinguished

An artist that is gathering a lot of attention recently, Kevin Kazi, is interviewed due to both his current achievements and his future ambitions which are becoming more realistic by the day. From getting attention by both Adam22 and Billie Eilish, to getting over 1 million plays on his music, Kazi's career is only going up.

Calvin Kemppel: A Visual Storyteller

When it comes to visual storytelling, Calvin Kemppel holds phenomenal talent in regards to catching the perfect moments on camera which encompass what travelling is all about; adventure. Mr Kemppel posts his adventures on his Instagram page for all his followers to see, with content ranging from the snowy mountains of Switzerland to the deserts of Jordan and more.

Vick Lejet – The Creator of a New Sound

Vick Lejet, an artist from Sydney, Australia, whose voice and composure motivates those who listen with its positivity and happy aura, speaks about his origins, and his music while delving into what makes him stand out from the crowd and why he is the next artist to gather lots of traction.

Lil Xelly- Talented yet Humble

Lil Xelly, an artist who is changing the "Underground Hip-Hop" industry with his powerful stature and admirable talent was interviewed so that readers may discover who Xelly is and what he is like as both an artist and as a person. Readers will also learn what Xelly has in store for 2018 and how he got started in the music scene as an artist.

Majin Blxxdy- “A Very Bloody Artist”

Majin Blxxdy, an artist who is unafraid to create music in his own style, speaks about his origins, what his future looks like and more. Majin is an artist to watch thoroughly, especially in his next chapter of his career.

“nappy 01”: A look into the past and the future

Nappy, an artist with extreme versatility and skill, speaks about his humble beginnings, his goals for the future, who he is behind the music, as well as a wide diversity of other topics. Read to find out who Nappy is behind his music.