ITSTANR- An Expedition into Hardship and Mental Health

Tanner Merten, a rapper from Houston, Texas, speaks about his hardships; from not being supported by his parents, to channeling his thoughts into his music as therapy. Through the process of an interview, Tanner states that readers can look forward to his new mixtape "Perfect World" which will allow others to enter his mind and hopefully, it can aid those that may be struggling through similar situations.


“6”- A story of homelessness and ambition

Geronimo Campos, also known as his rap name alias "6" or "Yung666" speaks about his troubling years in which he was faced with homelessness, drug abuse as well as his strong determination to make something of himself for both his own self and for his girlfriend and child of one year. Below Geronimo gives his story about how he came to be where he is today and describes thoroughly his experiences within his teenage years, battling multiple demons, inside and out.

Ryder Johnson- A self-taught producer

Ryder Johnson, a self-taught producer from Jonesboro, Arkansas, who taught himself how to produce through YouTube tutorials and by learning the program of FL Studio 10, speaks today about his achievements and increasing success as well as it's effect upon him.

Grace Gunn: The Model/ Musician

Grace "Gunn" Davis, a model and musician involved in the scene in LA, USA, expresses herself through both music and modeling. The model unearths her story below. What is it like to be both a musician as well as a model? Do you find yourself leaning more to one side, than the other? "I am…

Carli Glubok: The Untold Story

Carli Glubok, a model who has worked with the likes of Playboi Carti, A$AP ROCKY, UnoTheActivist, and Nick Jonas,  is impacting the industry with her dedication and perseverance to succeed. Above is Carli's appearance in Nick Jonas' music video for "Find you". Carli Glubok comes on screen at 1:15. How long have you wished to…