Our love

Our love, a touch of colossal entities,

Lips locked in endless heat, forsaking breath for another kiss

Dark nights surrounded by lights within, blasting songs that you’d sing to me

A smile on my face watching you, always


Our love, a creation of memories physical and not,

Your eyes a mix between innocent and sinful,

Desiring to find which one is apparent this time,

The song your eyes sing lure me to your hand- always


Our love, a mixture of sunrises to sunsets

Of hands grasping body, lips tasting impurity,

Words with layers only the other understands,

The world for us to traverse – together




Colours of the sky are golden in colour,

A rich fire of passion and desire

Of new hopes and goals, a brand new vision

Every new day I gazed upon the celestial ocean


Dreaming of new places to be, not here

Not there, but somehow everywhere

New lands of exotic folk, following strange idols

I long to be there, and not here; a traveller has always been me


But here I am, stuck in this prison

Searching for a key that may no longer exist,

I continue to look, in every crevice

Hoping that one day, I shall be there, not here, somehow everywhere


In that land of exotic folk,

Finally at home.

To you

Two temples placed upon the pinnacle of utmost purity,

I seek my pilgrimage within, a humble pilgrim searching for the piece

Of everlasting desire, the key to forever, a still moment of nothing

That lasts an eternity, filled with emotion and memory, our secrets.


Swimming with colours of celestial divinity, all things godlessly,

Stories are told, limitless in scope; I yearn to learn them all

For I cannot wait any longer, let my forever begin today,

Whisk me away as in the way you always do


Let me stare into your life story,

Let me gaze into your eyes.


The difference between you and me is that I free my time to see you, whereas you only see me in your free time.

Changing plans upon me like a moody weather changes seasons, it should be a crime.

The more I write this, the more I cry, the more I tire, the more it seems to rhyme.

Don’t leave me waiting for a last minute change of heart, I know you’re busy but so am I

You don’t need to create a story or any form of creative literature, I can take it, just don’t lie.

You’re begging for my love, in fact, you’re craving it just as I am craving your touch

Oh baby, sweet lady, be mine and ill be yours, just don’t get too caught up living,

That I am left behind in the storm.

The Forest

We ran into the night with no final destination to be found,

you grabbed my hand, skin against skin, our love was the sweet sound

to my ears, always running its fingers through my hair,

if I was told you’d love me months prior, I’d never believe it, this love is rare.

The wind caressed our cheeks in a heavenly touch, brushing the hair from our face,

your lips painted my cheeks with strong intimacy, the rising of the sun our fear, the race.

Your eyes burned with strong flames of fire,

it pierced my soul, unearthed every secret, that sweet look of desire

that I have come to cherish, for our time is fleeing past at misery’s best

make every moment count I was told, it sounds easiest said than done, don’t let me rest

for I may not wake, you’re my walking dream.

Let’s run further into this forest, no one else, not now, not ever, just you and me.



The beast

The abyss swallows me,

Surrounding the steel beast in which I reside within.

Darkness, a never-ending black canvas

Painted with the colours of the night,

Streaming past, carrying the ripples of peoples’ dreams

 Small only in solitude, but grand in companionship

Spreading into the atmosphere of dying hearts,

Renewing roots with empowering beliefs

And a rush of spirit, forming a domino effect

Conversation holds mesmerising depth,

Despite topic of speech, detail drifts in the air sprinkled with foreign accents

A reminder of our individuality, but common history

A strengthening of ties, bound by lineage

Adventurers, riding this beast forward with or

Without a destination; but all reaching the same finale.

The page to a new beginning.train1

The current

All these thoughts flooding my head, I am struggling to breathe above the current.

These bad thoughts, the darkness of the mist, they are recurrent.

I travel through the blizzard, the cold water, it’s pulling me under,

The hands of my head, the demonic apparitions, they will not choose another.

I am the one they want,

My pleas go unanswered

This is my last gasp for air

And I am using it to shout for help.

Swimming in a constant disarray of paralysing fear,

I can see the black outline of the afterlife drawing near.

Eyes have become milky in colour, no hope is evident in the white

The moons piercing my skin with shards of glass, I am an enemy of the night.

Hands are shaking under the constant pressure of this seemingly morbid life,

As I glance to the stars, I reach for death, my wife.

Please save my bleeding head,

These demons want me dead.