Electronic Press Kit Commissions


These are all my up-to-date electronic press kits commissioned by clients. If you’d like an EPK commissioned for yourself, please email me at klhwriting@gmail.com or message me on Twitter @writerbard

Biography Commissions


These are only a small collection of public biographies that have been commissioned for musicians to place on their Spotify profiles.

To commission me to write your bio, please email me at klhwriting@gmail.com or contact me on my Fiverr Profile: https://www.fiverr.com/khughes99

I Tried Becoming Famous on YouTube With $50 And 3 Shout Outs


Many people believe they’ll become an overnight success when they first start YouTube — I know I did.

Small YouTubers think they’ll become like their favourite creators, almost immediately: famous, pulling in hundreds of thousands of views per video and being sponsored for thousands of dollars.

It’s hard not to feel like that. This is the lifestyle that is promoted to us every single time we open up the YouTube app — from creators like David Dobrik, to brands like Faze Clan, we only the see end result and not the hard work — and many years — that goes into these platforms.

I still have that dream — no, not of being famous, but rather, having a dedicated fan base that appreciates each of my videos, and being able to live off my social media career.

However, it is almost impossible to make it big in 2020 without luck, strategy, persistence — and oh, did I mention luck?

So I decided to sit down, and plan out a good video that could very well go viral if targeted correctly.

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