Lil Xelly- An Analysis of the Rising Artist

From seeing the rise of Maryland artist Lil Xelly over the past few months to his domination of the underground, I am both inspired as well as acknowledging of Xelly's determination to his craft.


Run Shannon Run- BBY Goyard’s Hit

If you've been on Twitter recently, you would have noticed that artist Bby Goyard has been receiving lots of discussion and traffic regarding his name. The Maryland artist, in which I have interviewed before, has been blowing up, in particular in these last few months.

Top 5 Novels for Young Adults

There is nothing better than reading a well written and educating novel. The most incredible realisation is that there is a novel out there in the world that suits everyone’s wants and desires. If you like fantasy with sci-fi elements, you have many novels to choose from. You like dystopian universes with a strong female protagonist, you’re sorted!

Best PC Accessories for Gaming on a Budget

Gaming, an activity that many love, but for many, it can prove to be too expensive if they wish to play with high-end equipment. Today I will bring forth to your attention a few selection of gaming accessories that can change your mind that only the most expensive gear holds the best quality.