I know it’s love because I’ve never felt this way before. This ache within my chest threatening to devour my being, growing in size with each passing moment for you are there and I am here, with many lands laying in between us.The inability to fall asleep at night worrying about your well-being, hoping that you are okay and most of all, safe. I turn off my phone so that I do not check it frequently for a text that will surely come, just at varying intervals of time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad you’re having fun, but I miss you more than I ever have and by trying to busy myself, I hope to forget the pain that I am feeling.

I love you.

Aspirations Part.2

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I’ve been doing some thinking recently, well more than usual, and with all of the changes happening I am becoming to realise more and more what I want in this life. There are so many things I want, not just for myself but for others too. In the following post I’ll outline the various things I want in this life, and the various things I shall strive for, the things I seek within this life.

However, I wish to speak more about what I outlined in the previous post “Aspirations”. I spoke about the desires we have as humans, how it is just basic human instinct to desire things and individuals as well how to live a life pursuing that ultimate goal. I would like to further upon that point, though. W e must choose our desires carefully for if we don’t they can punish us or even ruin us due to the power we give them over us. It’s all about choice, the right kind of choice.

Sometimes though it’s important to acknowledge that making someone else happy is just as important as making yourself happy due to the ability to make yourself happy as well through their general well-being: it’s an almost ripple effect. Most importantly do not lose sight of what’s important to you for the world can change and so can the people around you but if you keep firm your beliefs and aspirations, you are immovable.