Oh Luna, where is Sol?

I walk there. It does not matter. I walk away, a scene follows. Temporary but permanent, a fleeting moment can turn solid. Horror insures. I can be lost at whim, but only I can choose to be found. The decision lays with me, but I tremble under the weight.

The journey of a writer

The daily occurrences of myself, a writer, include:

I wake up early in the morning, between the hours of 6 and 7. After a period of time struggling to get up, I walk over to the kettle and switch it on, preparing my coffee whilst I read the news from the day. I hop on my computer and write a short list of points in relation to topics I wish to write about for the day. I also compile a list of thoughts within my mind that need rearranging to perhaps allow a detailed understanding to form. I also jot down worries I may have for that day.

Why editing is important!

When in production of content, first opinions of it are incredibly important. If the viewer does not resonate with your content at a first glance, it is highly likely that they will move on from it. It is the sad truth of many industries.

Traction: Build a community

A point I see quite regularly when people converse about writing, or art in general, is the general belief that if something does not yield results straight away or even after a while it still doesn’t, it is better to leave it than continue to pursue it. Many individuals are troubled by the idea that if their work is not publicised on a large scale instantly, their work is of poor quality and therefore must abandon it.

Creating a script: The tale

Currently I am undertaking the task of creating a script for a play for university. While I am out of my comfort zone drastically, it is teaching me an incredible amount. I am moderately experienced in writing prose and poetry but to write a script was something I always wished to do, but never actually commenced doing. However, I am quite enjoying myself thoroughly!

Video Games: A structural necesitty

The video game industry is incredibly large, is flowing into other industries continuously shaping them and growing insanely rapidly. Most individuals have played a video game at least once, and have been affected in one way or another.