Starting next week!

Guest stars Vick Lejet, Lil Xelly and Carli Glubok are coming on KLH Writing individually to talk about their life and career.

Vick Lejet, Lil Xelly and Carli Glubok have all previously been on KLH Writing, however, this will be their first podcast on the site.

Vick Lejet is a recording artist from Sydney, Australia who is focused on bringing forth a new wave of hip-hop in Australia alongside his producer Thrillboy.

Carli Glubok is a model from LA, California whose career is rising quickly with previous work been done with prominent individuals ASAP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Nick Jonas etc.

Lil Xelly is a recording artist from Rockville, Maryland who is crushing the music scene with many individuals wondering how he is releasing quality tracks so quickly and regularly. Lil Xelly’s career is growing just as fast as his released song library.

Stay tuned.