I offer the written services of :

  • Biographies
  • Press releases
  • Electronic press kit (EPK)
  • Sales writing (B2B and B2C)
  • Content writing

I have extensive experience in two fields: journalism and content writing. In journalism, the majority of my experience is in music and entertainment journalism; including interviews, reviews, first impressions, blogging, press releases, and biography creation for streaming services.

In content writing my experience is more wide spread, as I have undertaken topics in e-commerce, marketing, health, travel, sales and more. However, all of my content falls within sales (SEO, conversion, call-to-actions, etc). I am experienced in keyword research and various methods to boost conversion and minimize bounce, on your website.

Please look at my portfolio for all public work and contact me for further portfolio pieces which may not be public and/or ghostwritten.

Please contact me via email for my rates.