Lil Xelly- An Analysis of the Rising Artist

From seeing the rise of Maryland artist Lil Xelly over the past few months to his domination of the underground, I am both inspired as well as acknowledging of Xelly’s determination to his craft.

Vick Lejet – The Creator of a New Sound

Vick Lejet, an artist from Sydney, Australia, whose voice and composure motivates those who listen with its positivity and happy aura, speaks about his origins, and his music while delving into what makes him stand out from the crowd and why he is the next artist to gather lots of traction.

SHELOVESBOON- Into his mind

SHELOVESBOON, a rapper from New York City, speaks about his mental health, his drug use, his portrayal of his mental state within his music as therapy, as well as who he is behind the scenes. BOON also speaks about his tour in New York City and the experience that listeners can get from attending.

Read below to discover who BOON is and why you should be excited by his revolution within the music industry.

ITSTANR- An Expedition into Hardship and Mental Health

Tanner Merten, a rapper from Houston, Texas, speaks about his hardships; from not being supported by his parents, to channeling his thoughts into his music as therapy.

Through the process of an interview, Tanner states that readers can look forward to his new mixtape “Perfect World” which will allow others to enter his mind and hopefully, it can aid those that may be struggling through similar situations.