Carli Glubok- From then to now

Carli Glubok, the first personality in which I interviewed within the media sphere, speaks about what she has been up to since the previous article. Carli Glubok is a model located in California who is achieving big things, even against great odds.

Calvin Kemppel: A Visual Storyteller

When it comes to visual storytelling, Calvin Kemppel holds phenomenal talent in regards to catching the perfect moments on camera which encompass what travelling is all about; adventure.

Mr Kemppel posts his adventures on his Instagram page for all his followers to see, with content ranging from the snowy mountains of Switzerland to the deserts of Jordan and more.

Drew Dapps- A Visionary Creator

Drew Dapps, a gifted personality, has a grand vision in which he strives to achieve with every aspect of his life. Through producing beats, interviewing other artists/personalities on his blog, “,” and participating in activities and/or content for both his work and the people, Drew dedicates his whole being into every piece of work he produces.