Blog Update- 2


On the 5/3/18 I have decided to start hosting producers beats on my site that are voted in, for readers to listen and vibe to. This action was suggested by a friend of mine, Matt, and I believe it is a great suggestion.

Producers can be under promoted at times and not referenced at times, especially if a big name artist gets hold of the beat. By hosting a few select beats on my site a week (with no repeat), it gives producers a chance to get the recognition they deserve but dont often get.

I will be holding the vote on twitter (@writerbard) and on Instagram (@kylelhughes) on Monday 5/3/18 at 5pm EST.

To ensure that your name gets on this vote, please email your beat listed on the contact section of my site. Multiple emails will not be reviewed. Please send 1 email with a maximum of 3 beats. Anymore will not be reviewed.

This vote will be hosted every Monday at the exact same time. By doing this I hope that it can bring forth attention to more producers who may not have the platform they deserve or get the recognition they deserve.