Dark Rose Podcast #28- Us Vs. The World


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In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on Jay Danza, one of the founders of the platform, Us Vs. The World.

Us Vs. The World has a blog, and many other features, and often throws shows around America with various upcoming and prominent underground artist and producers. The platform also has between 15-20 members.

In this podcast episode, we cover the history of the blog over its 3-year span, tips and tricks on how to run and throw a show, where the blog is headed, and lots more.

I hope you enjoy!

Jay Danza Twitter: twitter.com/_jaydanza

Us Vs. The World Twitter: twitter.com/UsVersusWorld
Us Vs. The World Instagram: www.instagram.com/usversusworld/
Us Vs. The World Blog: usversusworld.com/
Us Vs. The World SoundCloud: @usversusworld

Dark Rose Podcast Interlude: How To Earn Money Freelancing


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In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast Interlude, I speak about freelancing and the ways to make money through it.

I discuss tips, and strategies on how to get started, as well as a few specifics and ways to minimise complications whilst freelancing.

Featured Song: Colors by Weiland (Prod. by Ginseng)

soundstar- A Musical Entrepreneur


Soundstar is a talented producer who knows how to work both his music as well as his business side shown through both his music as well as his upcoming clothing brand, DXN Studios.

From having a hard upbringing due to the area soundstar grew up in, to persevering amidst the struggles of others turning on him whilst having already made abit of money from his art and causing heads to turn his direction, soundstar is not stopping anytime soon.

Soundstar said that his name originated, ” from a bunch of different names. I originally wanted to go with names like “Soundstarrockin” or “Starworld” but they were really weird and it didn’t have that ring to it like soundstar. I was producing in my bedroom and was trying to come up with an official alias, and soundstar stuck with me and other people. I wanted something universal, that could be used for most genres of music, and that is exactly what I got with soundstar.”



soundstar- A musical genius (with a knowledge of business)


“I tend to be very flexible when it comes to producing like I try to make anything and everything I can. R&B, Dance Hall, Trap Soul, Drum & Bass, Trap, Alternative, Screamo, House, Future Bass and Lofi are some of the genres of music I experiment with and produce for on the daily.”

In relation to the hardships, soundstar has faced whilst growing up, soundstar comments on what he has experienced.

“Before I started producing, I had and still have some rough living situations being that I grew up in Chicago. Especially near some older parts, Chicago is not the best place to be or live in. I think the only “safe” part of Chicago is downtown, and we had multiple shootings there this year alone. In addition to that, my immediate family made just enough to pay bills & food, but there would be lots of times we didn’t have a place to call home, or we didn’t have heat for a week or we didn’t eat that night. I don’t like talking about it too much because I don’t really want my “struggle” to be apart of my image.”

“I think my current situation has left me with really tough skin. It gave me a constant drive to achieve success because nothing was really given to me at all. Every day, the urge for stability and bliss grows inside of me tenfold, and it makes me want to work even harder. Even if I achieve major success and have millions to my name, the drive won’t ever stop, I’ll always want to do more. The money would just be like gasoline to the fire. Its all due to the conditions I started in, that made me into what I am today, and who I want to become tomorrow.”

Soundstar has also started a clothing brand, “dxn studios”. It currently has its own social media accounts, found below:

Untitled drawing (1)


“I wanted to make something I could throw on and rock, and it would look good with everything. Something that could be subtle, but stands out at the same time. That’s what I’m trying to do with dxn studios. I really want it to become the “grunge” but “classy and modern” brand in the future.”

It’s set to launch around the beginning of April, with around 4 different pieces with the same theme. Currently, the t-shirts in the collection are $35 with free shipping. Everyone who buys a t-shirt now has a chance to win a pair of custom glitch AF1’s in April. The glitch AF1s will be released in a limited quantity.”

Every upcoming producer wants to gain success, but each has a different perspective on what success means to them. Soundstar comments on success and its relation to him.

“Yeah, I’m selling a lot of beats currently, but I wouldn’t really consider what I’m doing now and how much, a success. Success to me is when you can get you and your whole family out of a bad situation, and into an extremely amazing and blissful one. As for growth and development with beat selling, It’s hard to scale the number of beats you can sell, because there are only so many hours you can put into something. I will probably keep selling at the same rate (or less), but charge more as my skills and clout goes up. I want to get my beats on a legendary skill level, to justify the prices I wanna charge later on in the future.”

Soundstar comments further on the topic of success and its meaning to him.



soundstars TrakTrain which includes his beats. Link is here.


“The way people treat me was completely different from before. Even with only a little success selling beats, people started to switch up. At my school, people who used to make fun of me for making beats, want me to produce for their friends or put them on. Girls that never talked to me before looking at me differently now and come up to me randomly. People who don’t like all, or hate me for no reason, hate me even more and are more aggressive to me. Everyone tryna be my friend now, and I don’t even have a lot of followers. Imagine whats going to happen when I get an actual following, like 10,000 – 200,000 followers, it’s going to be crazy man I can see it.”

Soundstar finally states the various artists he would love to produce for which include; Kevin Kazii, Travis Scott, KILLY, Lil Uzi Vert, Drippin so pretty, Coldhart, Chief Keef, XXXTentacion (Huge inspiration musically), G Herbo, Lil Reese, Smooky Margeliaa, Smokepurpp, Warhol.ss, and Kanye.

To keep up to date with soundstars career and to check out his new brand, dxn studios, dropping beginning of April, be sure to check out his social media accounts listed below:




Updated: dxn Studios has now dropped