Goyxrd- A Producer To Watch


16-year-old Richmond producer Goyxrd has been creating a name for themselves in such a short period of time. From starting their production career at the beginning of this year [2018], to working with bigger artists and creating a growing musical portfolio, Goyxrd is a producer to watch.

Time to explore Goyxrd’s mind.

16-year-old producer Goyxrd is from Richmond, Virginia.

The young producer comments that there is no “history” or meaning behind his alias, Goyxrd. They just liked the way the name looked, and sounded.

Growing up, Goyxrd states that he struggled at a young age with his parent’s separation. The producer was forced to move schools constantly, with Goyxrd never staying at a school for more than a year at a time.

Goyxrd moved houses frequently with his mother, and 2 sisters. The producer comments that he lived in some bad areas of Richmond, and was faced with encountering some bad experiences at a young age.

The producer only felt safe as a kid at his grandparents, as they lived in a nice, and safe suburb. Goyxrd also knew people there, and had friendships in that location.

The 16-year-old producer started to make beats on GarageBand in January 2018. This was the beginning of Goyxrd’s production career.

However, Goyxrd comments that he didn’t take his producing “seriously” until three months later in April, 2018.

The producer also had a few varying inspirations when he started his career.

These inspirations were PoloBoyShawty, MexikoDro, XanGang, and Zaytoven.

The producer is also heavily inspired by R&B music, as well as Jazz.

Goyxrd also comments that he could not envision himself pursuing any other career path. He believes that music is the right path for himself to pursue.

When asked to describe himself, Goyxrd believes that he is a likable individual, and he exhibits a relaxed persona. The producer also comments that he believes he is very versatile in his beat production.

“I don’t only make “Plug” beats. I can also create all moods in my beats,” says Goyxrd.

The young producer also elaborates on his own greatest personal achievement.

Goyxrd states that producing for the artist Summrs is one of his greatest achievements as the producer had been an avid listener of Summrs for some time.

“I’ve always wanted to produce for him [Summrs], even before I started making beats,” says Goyxrd.

The producer also comments that he has another big announcement coming up, however, he cannot speak on it at this moment.

The Richmond producer also gives advice to those in the music scene.

Goyxrd comments that being different is important, as it enables you to stand out from others. The producer is also an advocate for hard work.

“Always remember that hard work pays off,” says Goyxrd.

Regarding producer specific tips, Goyxrd comments that posting 1-3 samples a month on SoundCloud (or relevant music posting platform) is important.

Communication is also important, as is sending beats to artists you like.

Goyxrd also gives an insight into his music schedule. The producer comments that they usually create beats at night due to their creativity being more accessible at this period. However, it ultimately depends on their mood and/or emotions.

The producer would also like to work with artists Chief Keef, Lil Tracy, and UnoTheActivist.

Regarding producers, Goyxrd would like to work with Zaytoven, PoloBoyShawty, and DP Beats.

The producer also has a few songs coming out with bigger artists soon. A tape is also in the works.

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Sol Jay- Turning Dreams to Reality


17-year-old Utah artist Sol Jay speaks about his upbringing within a strict, and religious household, his battle with racism, his career, ambitions, and more.

Time to unearth the Utah artist.

The Utah artist, born in Los Angeles, California, had a unique and straight-forward way of choosing their musical alias.

The artist’s real name is Sol Jimenez.

Sol wanted a catchy and original stage name, so he took the first letter of his last name and turned it into “Jay,” removing the other letters as he did so.

“It ended up sticking and I think it has a nice ring to it,” says Sol Jay.

Growing up, Sol Jay states that his biggest obstacle has been his parents. Up until Sol was age 6, his mother was a single parent until she met Sol’s now current father. They got married a year later.

From grade 1 to 6, Sol and his family lived with his best friend and mother. Sol comments that this was a casually religious household.

Sol’s parents also display disappointment if Sol doesn’t reach their set level of expectations. They threaten to take the artists belongings away, but he respects their wishes and rule as he acknowledges he lives in their household.

Growing up, Sol also states that he suffered at the hands of racist comments, and people who mocked the young artist’s career choice but now attempt to befriend the artist. Sol, however, just keep his head down and works now.

Sol Jay reflects on the beginning of career, and comments that his biological dad gave him the opportunity to begin.

Through being given the gift of Ableton Live for his 13th birthday, Sol began to practice producing, and from there, recording.

However, it wasn’t until he was 16 that Sol began to use autotune and find his “sound.”

The Utah artist also states that his first best achievement was gaining 1000 followers on SoundCloud. However, now the artist states that his personal greatest achievement was making a song with David Shawty, one of Sol’s influences.


17-year-old Utah artist Sol Jay.

Another is getting 1000 likes on a song, and 300 thousand plays on a feature.

Sol’s biggest influence he comments is Drake. He states that in 2009 he heard Drake’s music on the radio frequently, which started his interest in hip-hop.

Two artists that influenced Sol’s recent music are both Trippie Redd, and David Shawty.

Other than music, Sol would also like to get into modeling, and acting. Sol comments that he was a child actor and model when he lived in L.A. His mother was also involved in modeling and acting.

“Who knows, maybe I’ll branch back into that as I continue growing,” says Sol Jay.

As a person, Sol states that he’s quiet and reserved. However, when needing to be extroverted, he can be. This includes when Sol is creating business connections with others.

Sol also comments that he’s nice unless treated negatively.

“My image as an artist is basically how I am in person,” says the Utah artist.

The artist also states that he tries to finish 3 songs a week. If he receives an impressive beat, he will freestyle on it and see if he can attain a catchy flow. If Sol likes the flow, he will record the melody and flow down. From there, he will write lyrics.

“That’s how all my songs come about. There’s no schedule, I just try to finish at least 3 songs a week,” says Sol Jay.

The artist also gives advice to readers who are in the industry or wish to join.

Sol states to be yourself, and don’t spam links everyone as it will damage your credibility and potential connections.

“Once you find your image, stick with it,” says Sol.

The artist states that artists should not rely on anyone, and instead let your music speak for itself. Collaborate with great artists, and get on good producers beats to increase your following and impact.

“Other than that, I’ve just been dropping bangers and letting the people flock to it,” says Sol Jay.

The Utah artist has his first mixtape coming out within the next few months titled “Under Ground Kings.” Sol states that everyone’s favourite artists and producers will be in it.

Sol would also like to work with Trippie Redd, and Lil Uzi Vert in the future.

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Skrilla- Versatile, Experimental and Consistent


23-year-old Texas artist Skrilla comes forward with strong, powerful vocals and a sound that isn’t boxed into one “genre.” The artist has already achieved lots, with many plays already being attributed to their songs as well as the creation of a dedicated audience.

From working with “The Virus and the Antidote,” to getting inspiration from Pouya as well as the Seshollowaterboyz, Skrilla is well on the way to achieving success.

Let’s explore the artists’ story.

Skrilla first decided to choose the alias he is now known for at the beginning of his venture into the underground scene.


From working with “The Virus and the Antidote,” to getting inspiration from Pouya as well as the Seshollowaterboyz, Skrilla is well on the way to achieving success.

“My favorite artist was Pouya at the time, I just kept listening to his music and stumbled on an old video from him and another artist called Nell. I think the song was “Shotz from the double glock” and there was a line that goes put the “Skrilla on the table, make it in an instant” and that just clicked with me,” says the artist.

Skrilla also was influenced by artist Bones and the group, Seshollowaterboyz.

“The first song I ever heard was “Persian Palace” from Bones and Xavier. The whole style to them was so similar. I really connected with their music, the whole aspect of how they built their following was really inspiring. Even talking to Elmo [Bones] or just seeing Wulf [Xavier] is really surreal,” says Skrilla.

Skrilla believes that the mentioned individuals paved the way for other artists to follow. The artist is also getting into fashion currently.

Lil Peep was really inspiring to me. I feel like he was that dude [important and central] when it came to the image.”

The artist, whilst growing up, came from a strict background. His parents were hard on him and controlled Skrilla’s actions. It wasn’t until high school in which the artist started to “rebel” and smoke marijuana, that he started to have more personal freedom.

“My parents are really traditional and I just look at life and what I can of make it . They have a harsher view of the world and want to control everything but it doesn’t really work like that and that’s what I try to tell them,” says the artist.

The artist also encountered a few difficult situations when he first started his career in the creative industry, as we all do.


Artist Skrilla- Not bound by genres.

“I was once at a point where I had to message people to check me out, till I didn’t have to do it anymore. I guess my biggest one [hardship] would be getting my name out while trying to build up Midnight Society. I was just working on my craft. I had to find myself and figure out how I wanted people to perceive me,” says Skrilla.

I was also interested in which direction would Skrilla pursue if he never followed his music career.

The artist states that he would’ve pursued gaming as a professional if he had a choice, or work somewhere like a “weed shop” due to its relaxed and familiar environment.

I also asked the artist to describe themselves and their craft.

Skrilla states that he is a really relaxed person, that can relate to others and doesn’t judge. He is an introvert, and he is very big on positive energy and speaking things into existence.

“As far as I see it, if you have opportunities and determination, you can do anything,” says Skrilla.

As an artist, however, Skrilla describes his craft as very versatile, experimental and consistent. He states that if “The Virus and the Antidote” didn’t ask him to start screaming on track, the artist might’ve never started experimenting.

“I try to be as different as I can be. I want people to say there can never be another Skrilla,” says the artist.

As of now, Skrilla’s greatest achievements are being in the position he is now with the audience he has, working with “The Virus and the Antidote“, as well as working with 2 SHWB producers says the artist.

“Just talking to my inspirations really got me to realize how I got to where I am as an artist,” says Skrilla.

Skrilla would also like to work with Trippythakid, Fukkit, Bones, Pouya, Wulf, 909Memphis, 10 Cellphones “and more.”

Old and new fans of Skrilla have lots of future content to look forward to as well.

Skrilla has started putting all his new music on his Spotify account “skrilla+”, which will be linked below. The artist is no longer a part of his former team Midnight Society so he is now focused on building his own brand.

“Mostly what I’m working on is my official album “Heartbreaker.” “Riots” is dropping in a couple months. A couple of artists will be on there such as Phantom CaineOriginal God, Foreign Forest, and VELVETEARS,” says Skrilla.

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