ElsaGate: The Horrors Of The Web


Disclaimer: Content can be disturbing and features explicit language. Reader discretion is advised.

A title that has gotten some coverage in recent years and its discussion is growing in popularity within the past few months, but not nearly enough.

Elsagate is comprised of disturbing content that is targeted towards children on YouTube. It features adult content, often highly distressing to the young viewers, which is able to slip onto both YouTube and YouTube Kids and bypass its algorithm.

These videos often include unlicensed Disney characters and are low-budget and poorly-acted. These “Disney” characters act strangely and perform disturbing acts, which children are able to view and be affected by. Videos include by “cartoon” visuals as well as “real-life” acting.

ElsaGate isn’t the name of a YouTube channel, rather it is the title given to videos/ channels that upload similar and connected, disturbing content aimed at children.

What makes ElsaGate content so difficult to remove is the rate in which it is uploaded.

Multiple sources have covered ElsaGate which will be documented below.

A subreddit titled r/elsagate has also been opened and includes over 46 thousand subscribers as of writing this.

The subreddit users all document and investigate the mystery of ElsaGate, and all channels that are apart of the uploading of the graphical and disturbing content.


The subreddit r/elsagate in which members try to uncover and discuss the mystery.

In recent months, the discussion of ElsaGate has also been reaching the mainstream. Ethan Klein of the popular H3H3 podcast, alongside famous artist Post Malone, spoke about the phenomenon in Malone’s podcast episode.

“I’ve made so many videos over time and now everyone’s like “yo H3 you need to make another Elsa[Gate] video.” I feel like I’m just beating a dead horse at this point but now the media’s starting to pick up on it,” Klein says.

According to the subreddit, it lists multiple possibilities as to what ElsaGate may be.

These are: (Each link is a direct copy from the subreddit’s post, found here.)

Cyber safety expert and former undercover online detective Brett Lee also comments on this disturbing trend.

“I’m not a tech expert, I’m a detective. But it appears this is slipping under the algorithms whereby it’s thinking that it is content suitable for children but there is some very disturbing content there,” Lee says.


An example of ElsaGate content. Note, see the recommended videos on the right. Source

Lee brings up how some content focuses on subliminal messages while others are more “direct” and confronting, especially regarding sexual content.

“A lot of it is subliminal, there’s common themes like children getting left behind, getting injections, getting your foot caught in the escalator — things children would be fearful of,” Lee says.

A video that explains ElsaGate and shows some content is listed below. It includes explicit language and disturbing content.

There are many speculations that large quantities of ElsaGate styled content are uploaded by AI (Artifical Intelligence) due to the speed in which the videos are uploaded.

Multiple videos also feature exact same content with only small changes. Eg a character’s clothes will be a different colour in one video compared to the next although featuring replicated content.



Media publication “The Verge” investigates the ElsaGate content.


Since the increasing pressure from the public for YouTube to do something to fix this issue, YouTube has commented on the ElsaGate situation.

“Over the last few months, we’ve taken deliberate steps to tackle many of the emerging challenges around family content on YouTube. We’re committed to getting this right and are increasing both human and engineering resources to tackle this ever-evolving landscape,” YouTube says.

YouTube star Philip DeFranco from the Philip DeFranco show also brings forth attention to the issue.

With the increasing pressure from both YouTube creators and concerned individuals, YouTube has been focusing on shutting down content that reflects ElsaGate concepts.

However, as DeFranco says, something must be done about YouTubes problem and more importantly, more measures must be brought forth for protecting children online.

The ElsaGate phenomenon should be a reminder for all parents to monitor what their children are consuming/ viewing online. It is also a warning for what can happen if platform creators don’t monitor and protect their consumers.

Something needs to happen to fix this problem, and soon.

What do you believe ElsaGate is? Have you heard of it before? Let me know in the comments below.

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soundstar- A Musical Entrepreneur


Soundstar is a talented producer who knows how to work both his music as well as his business side shown through both his music as well as his upcoming clothing brand, DXN Studios.

From having a hard upbringing due to the area soundstar grew up in, to persevering amidst the struggles of others turning on him whilst having already made abit of money from his art and causing heads to turn his direction, soundstar is not stopping anytime soon.

Soundstar said that his name originated, ” from a bunch of different names. I originally wanted to go with names like “Soundstarrockin” or “Starworld” but they were really weird and it didn’t have that ring to it like soundstar. I was producing in my bedroom and was trying to come up with an official alias, and soundstar stuck with me and other people. I wanted something universal, that could be used for most genres of music, and that is exactly what I got with soundstar.”



soundstar- A musical genius (with a knowledge of business)


“I tend to be very flexible when it comes to producing like I try to make anything and everything I can. R&B, Dance Hall, Trap Soul, Drum & Bass, Trap, Alternative, Screamo, House, Future Bass and Lofi are some of the genres of music I experiment with and produce for on the daily.”

In relation to the hardships, soundstar has faced whilst growing up, soundstar comments on what he has experienced.

“Before I started producing, I had and still have some rough living situations being that I grew up in Chicago. Especially near some older parts, Chicago is not the best place to be or live in. I think the only “safe” part of Chicago is downtown, and we had multiple shootings there this year alone. In addition to that, my immediate family made just enough to pay bills & food, but there would be lots of times we didn’t have a place to call home, or we didn’t have heat for a week or we didn’t eat that night. I don’t like talking about it too much because I don’t really want my “struggle” to be apart of my image.”

“I think my current situation has left me with really tough skin. It gave me a constant drive to achieve success because nothing was really given to me at all. Every day, the urge for stability and bliss grows inside of me tenfold, and it makes me want to work even harder. Even if I achieve major success and have millions to my name, the drive won’t ever stop, I’ll always want to do more. The money would just be like gasoline to the fire. Its all due to the conditions I started in, that made me into what I am today, and who I want to become tomorrow.”

Soundstar has also started a clothing brand, “dxn studios”. It currently has its own social media accounts, found below:

Untitled drawing (1)


“I wanted to make something I could throw on and rock, and it would look good with everything. Something that could be subtle, but stands out at the same time. That’s what I’m trying to do with dxn studios. I really want it to become the “grunge” but “classy and modern” brand in the future.”

It’s set to launch around the beginning of April, with around 4 different pieces with the same theme. Currently, the t-shirts in the collection are $35 with free shipping. Everyone who buys a t-shirt now has a chance to win a pair of custom glitch AF1’s in April. The glitch AF1s will be released in a limited quantity.”

Every upcoming producer wants to gain success, but each has a different perspective on what success means to them. Soundstar comments on success and its relation to him.

“Yeah, I’m selling a lot of beats currently, but I wouldn’t really consider what I’m doing now and how much, a success. Success to me is when you can get you and your whole family out of a bad situation, and into an extremely amazing and blissful one. As for growth and development with beat selling, It’s hard to scale the number of beats you can sell, because there are only so many hours you can put into something. I will probably keep selling at the same rate (or less), but charge more as my skills and clout goes up. I want to get my beats on a legendary skill level, to justify the prices I wanna charge later on in the future.”

Soundstar comments further on the topic of success and its meaning to him.



soundstars TrakTrain which includes his beats. Link is here.


“The way people treat me was completely different from before. Even with only a little success selling beats, people started to switch up. At my school, people who used to make fun of me for making beats, want me to produce for their friends or put them on. Girls that never talked to me before looking at me differently now and come up to me randomly. People who don’t like all, or hate me for no reason, hate me even more and are more aggressive to me. Everyone tryna be my friend now, and I don’t even have a lot of followers. Imagine whats going to happen when I get an actual following, like 10,000 – 200,000 followers, it’s going to be crazy man I can see it.”

Soundstar finally states the various artists he would love to produce for which include; Kevin Kazii, Travis Scott, KILLY, Lil Uzi Vert, Drippin so pretty, Coldhart, Chief Keef, XXXTentacion (Huge inspiration musically), G Herbo, Lil Reese, Smooky Margeliaa, Smokepurpp, Warhol.ss, and Kanye.

To keep up to date with soundstars career and to check out his new brand, dxn studios, dropping beginning of April, be sure to check out his social media accounts listed below:




Updated: dxn Studios has now dropped



Best PC Accessories for Gaming on a Budget


Gaming, an activity that many love, but for many, it can prove to be too expensive if they wish to play with high-end equipment. Today I will bring forth to your attention a few selection of gaming accessories that can change your mind that only the most expensive gear holds the best quality.

Below includes links to getting those much-needed rewards.

Keyboard and Mouse:

In regards to gaming equipment, a keyboard and mouse are extremely important. They can either make or break competitive gaming if you’re into that. You need a keyboard that feels responsive and has a “click” feel when you press buttons.

My recommendation is the Cooler Master Devastator 3 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo.



 Cooler Master Devastator 3 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo is only $29.99. A perfect choice for the gamer on a budget.



For $29.99 you can get a keyboard and mouse that feels responsive, has 7 different colour options for backlighting, 4 different DPI keys as well as media keys. You cannot go wrong with a choice this great for such a low price.


Let’s be honest, how could you play without a mousepad? It provides support for your hand and mouse, limits wear on the mouse bottom and creates enough traction so that all of your movements are uber responsive and can help you win the game.



SteelSeries Rubber Base Gaming Mouse Pad for $14.99, it is a bargain for what you get.



The SteelSeries Rubber Base Gaming Mouse Pad looks great but not overly distracting either. It has a soft but smooth cloth surface and a rubber base to ensure that while in intense matches, the mousepad does not shift and cause you to miss your shot.

For $14.99 (at the time of this article being written it is on sale) it ensures that you are able to enjoy fun and competitive gameplay without feeling left out by those who can ‘fork” out to get more expensive accessories.


If you’re going to be playing video games with other players and wish to communicate or you just want to be immersed in the world, you will need a headset; but not just any headset. You need one that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, has great mic quality and the audio quality is of a high standard so you can be properly immersed.







In my honest opinion, KOTION EACH G1000 headset is a fantastic choice. With its slim and futuristic appearance, it’s high audio quality, noise isolation (no more distracting background noises) and more, the Kotion Each G1000 should be an absolute purchase. Oh, did I mention it’s only $23.99?


You need great visuals, I get it, but sometimes that comes with a steep price range. I’ve got you covered.

1080p resolution (HD) is a necessity, especially if you want to game or do anything that requires a crisp image on the screen. You also need a good monitor refresh rate.



ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor Stunning visuals that will immerse you greater than ever before into your games for only $179.99.


The ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor allows you to have a high quality monitor that is capable of HD as well as a 1ms refresh rate, allowing you to game with stunning visuals with no delays.

For $179.99, this is the monitor you want and need.

With these gaming accessories, you’ll be able to hop into the fray feeling more confident than ever without spending a lot in getting there.

Stay tuned for more reviews.

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