Dark Rose Podcast Interlude: How To Start A Blog


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In this podcast episode, I cover how to start a blog, in particular, a creative focused blog.

I provide tips and strategies, as well as personal thoughts so that your blogging career can succeed.

I hope you enjoy!

Featured Song: Jaded by sadeyes (Prod. by Ocean)

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Dark Rose Podcast #12- Moshpit


On this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on my friend JayJay, more commonly known as Moshpit.

If you don’t know who Moshpit is, he is a 22-year-old DC-born music video director. JayJay has directed and shot many of the music videos you have seen for artists in the underground music scene.

In this episode, we cover Moshpit’s career, hardships, achievements, we speak about dystopian futures, and technology, his editing and shooting techniques, and more.

JayJay also has had many of his music videos featured on World Star HipHop recently, with the accompanying artist/s and producer/s.


Moshpit’s Twitter:
Moshpit’s YouTube:
Moshpit’s Instagram:
Moshpit’s written interview:

Featured Song: NightBat by Lil Xelly (Prod. Sparkheem)

Dark Rose Podcast #11- Summrs


On this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on 18-year-old Louisiana artist Summrs.

We speak about his childhood, his music, his sound, his substance abuse and his desire to get better, his history with Call of Duty trickshotting and old montage videos, when he will go on tour, his battle with anxiety, and more.


Summrs Insta:
Summrs SoundCloud:
Summrs Twitter:

Summrs written interview:

Featured song: 007 by Summrs and Ron$ocold (Prod. Gin$eng)