Goyxrd- A Producer To Watch


16-year-old Richmond producer Goyxrd has been creating a name for themselves in such a short period of time. From starting their production career at the beginning of this year [2018], to working with bigger artists and creating a growing musical portfolio, Goyxrd is a producer to watch.

Time to explore Goyxrd’s mind.

16-year-old producer Goyxrd is from Richmond, Virginia.

The young producer comments that there is no “history” or meaning behind his alias, Goyxrd. They just liked the way the name looked, and sounded.

Growing up, Goyxrd states that he struggled at a young age with his parent’s separation. The producer was forced to move schools constantly, with Goyxrd never staying at a school for more than a year at a time.

Goyxrd moved houses frequently with his mother, and 2 sisters. The producer comments that he lived in some bad areas of Richmond, and was faced with encountering some bad experiences at a young age.

The producer only felt safe as a kid at his grandparents, as they lived in a nice, and safe suburb. Goyxrd also knew people there, and had friendships in that location.

The 16-year-old producer started to make beats on GarageBand in January 2018. This was the beginning of Goyxrd’s production career.

However, Goyxrd comments that he didn’t take his producing “seriously” until three months later in April, 2018.

The producer also had a few varying inspirations when he started his career.

These inspirations were PoloBoyShawty, MexikoDro, XanGang, and Zaytoven.

The producer is also heavily inspired by R&B music, as well as Jazz.

Goyxrd also comments that he could not envision himself pursuing any other career path. He believes that music is the right path for himself to pursue.

When asked to describe himself, Goyxrd believes that he is a likable individual, and he exhibits a relaxed persona. The producer also comments that he believes he is very versatile in his beat production.

“I don’t only make “Plug” beats. I can also create all moods in my beats,” says Goyxrd.

The young producer also elaborates on his own greatest personal achievement.

Goyxrd states that producing for the artist Summrs is one of his greatest achievements as the producer had been an avid listener of Summrs for some time.

“I’ve always wanted to produce for him [Summrs], even before I started making beats,” says Goyxrd.

The producer also comments that he has another big announcement coming up, however, he cannot speak on it at this moment.

The Richmond producer also gives advice to those in the music scene.

Goyxrd comments that being different is important, as it enables you to stand out from others. The producer is also an advocate for hard work.

“Always remember that hard work pays off,” says Goyxrd.

Regarding producer specific tips, Goyxrd comments that posting 1-3 samples a month on SoundCloud (or relevant music posting platform) is important.

Communication is also important, as is sending beats to artists you like.

Goyxrd also gives an insight into his music schedule. The producer comments that they usually create beats at night due to their creativity being more accessible at this period. However, it ultimately depends on their mood and/or emotions.

The producer would also like to work with artists Chief Keef, Lil Tracy, and UnoTheActivist.

Regarding producers, Goyxrd would like to work with Zaytoven, PoloBoyShawty, and DP Beats.

The producer also has a few songs coming out with bigger artists soon. A tape is also in the works.

To stay up to date with Goyxrd’s production career, be sure to follow their social media accounts linked below:

How YOU can become a BLOGGER

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A blog is a fantastic way for individuals to express themselves and communicate with others. There are infinite topics a blogger can write about which is why it is so popular. Blogging is popular due to it being easy to get into and also because it allows large amounts of individuals to communicate with one another and share their content and ideas.

However, to get your name out to the wider public and construct a blog that is both different and appealing as well as providing quality content, there are a few tips that you can follow. These tips are:

1)Choose your niche 

Writing about many topics on your blog may seem appealing but to draw an audience, the audience must know what they will see every time they go onto your blog. The only way to achieve this is to write about one topic (eg fashion, beauty). On my blog, I mainly write about the media and my various opinions towards topics affecting society.

The easiest way to create an audience for your blog is to choose a niche and stick to it. Writing about many topics just won’t do it, sadly. Your blog would become oversaturated and would fail to do one great job and rather be subject to many mediocre pieces. Try not to do this.

2) Select a blogging platform

Choose the platform in which you will write on. I personally use WordPress as I find it incredibly easy to use and has a large array of plugins and other features to choose from. If you choose WordPress you have to choose between WordPress.com (Easier to use but less control) and WordPress.org (Self-hosted). There are other blogging platforms to choose from such as Blogger and Tumblr as well, which all have their own positives and negatives.

Research the different platforms and select one that best resonates with you. I, however, would recommend WordPress.com for your first blog due to its simplicity and ease of use.

3) Blog Design

A blog requires a design and template that is appealing as well as functional. Look through all the available templates and compare each until you find one that is suitable to your content. Some templates are more suited to journalistic styled blogs while others are more suited to photography blogs. Choose carefully but do not worry, choosing a template at a later date is easy and can be done at any time.

Do not use too many widgets and plugins also as this will make your blog look amateurish and may also increase the loading time of your blog!

I am currently using the “Lovecraft” theme and I find it does a great job for my blog layout.


Just a few of the templates that you can find on WordPress.com. My current template is shown above.

4) Write quality content

Each post you write, make sure it is of great quality. It is the first impression readers will get when they enter your blog and can either make or break whether you’re successful. Your content must be engaging and provide thoughtful and succinct information that resonates with your audience. As you have now chosen a niche, make sure each and every single one of your posts relate to your niche. By doing so your audience will anticipate each post you write.

Make sure that each post is also edited perfectly. This means making sure that there are no spelling errors or problems with the improper use of grammar. However I understand that we all are human and have strengths and weaknesses, and some of our weaknesses may be writing. To combat this I would use a real-time editing software such as Grammarly to help.

5) Share your content!

Whenever you have completed a post, be sure to share your content with your various social media platforms. This ensures that all your followers and friends are able to view your content as soon as it is published. Make sure to include a featured picture as well as a personalised message as it’ll give the potential reader an insight into what the post will be about.

There are various widgets and plugins that make it more than easy to share your content on your blog as well as display your various social media accounts on your blog too, allowing readers to view your other content as well.


When you are finished writing a post, in the sharing menu to the right of the post there is a selection of social media services you can connect to.

6) Communicate with other bloggers!

This is incredibly important and is a definite way to help your blog grow an audience as well as make potential new friends in the blogging scene. If on WordPress enter the “Reader” to view other bloggers content. If you like other peoples content, leave a like and a thoughtful comment. By doing so it shows the blogger that you like their comment and who knows, it may even land you a new follower?

In my experience bloggers on the most part are incredibly nice and are almost always willing to communicate and share ideas. Guest posts are another way to share your content and make new friends as well. I have done guest posting and the individuals I have met are inspiring and good-hearted. Never be afraid to put yourself out there and share your thoughts.



The WordPress reader that allows you to view other bloggers posts through the “search” option and “followed sites” option. A selection of the “best” content of the day is also available in the “Discovery” option.


By following these tips, you should be on the way to successfully starting a blog that is unique and provides great quality content. Remember, results will not come instantly but through using these tips and the continuation of writing, you shall be growing an audience in no time.

Good luck!

Traction: Build a community


A point I see quite regularly when people converse about writing, or art in general, is the general belief that if something does not yield results straight away or even after a while it still doesn’t, it is better to leave it than continue to pursue it. Many individuals are troubled by the idea that if their work is not publicised on a large scale instantly, their work is of poor quality and therefore must abandon it.

Do not do that.

In order for a piece of work to acquire traction it must have built a community behind it. A fan-base of sorts. The only way to do that is, you guessed it, by continuing to work and produce more content. If people are not viewing your content, you cannot create a loyal following which means you shall not grow.

Working hard and smart is incredibly important when making art. You need people to want your work. You need people to crave it, to check your page constantly for updates, to hunger for your content!

Persistance is key. If you do not keep producing content, you will not further yourself. Your thoughts are important and that is why you must make sure that people view it. Work everyday if you must at improving your work and furthering the fanbase that wait your content production.

The world needs more artists, entrepreneurs- people that desire to make a change for both their life and the world around them.

Dont settle for anything less than you deserve. You deserve more than you think.