Creating a script: The tale


Currently I am undertaking the task of creating a script for a play for university. While I am out of my comfort zone drastically, it is teaching me an incredible amount. I am moderately experienced in writing prose and poetry but to write a script was something I always wished to do, but never actually commenced doing. However, I am quite enjoying myself thoroughly!



The opening page of the play as of now.


I love being forced to learn and adapt to scenarios in which I am not acquainted with. I believe that in those situations, learning is at an optimal level and only through challenge is one able to learn.

Currently I am writing a script in regards to the topic of what makes a humans life valuable and whether one should forsake their own ethics when commanded to do so by a superior, an action that can and would impeach their beliefs. The story is set in 1916 France and follows a band of soldiers along the Western Front who must be forced to make this difficult choice. I really think this script is coming out well and although it wont be extravagant, I think it will teach me alot.

Once I am finished it, I will surely post it. Stay tuned.

If you have any great learning stories, please feel free to comment or email me about it! I would love to hear about it!