SHELOVESBOON- Into his mind

SHELOVESBOON, a rapper from New York City, speaks about his mental health, his drug use, his portrayal of his mental state within his music as therapy, as well as who he is behind the scenes. BOON also speaks about his tour in New York City and the experience that listeners can get from attending.

Read below to discover who BOON is and why you should be excited by his revolution within the music industry.

“6”- A story of homelessness and ambition

Geronimo Campos, also known as his rap name alias “6” or “Yung666” speaks about his troubling years in which he was faced with homelessness, drug abuse as well as his strong determination to make something of himself for both his own self and for his girlfriend and child of one year.

Below Geronimo gives his story about how he came to be where he is today and describes thoroughly his experiences within his teenage years, battling multiple demons, inside and out.