Carli Glubok- From then to now


Carli Glubok, the first personality in which I interviewed within the media sphere, speaks about what she has been up to since the previous article. Carli Glubok is a model located in California who is achieving big things, even against great odds.



Carli Glubok.


In the previous article, found here, Carli spoke about her being diagnosed with a rare type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Carli also spoke about her modelling career, from being involved in music videos with Nick Jonas and ASAP Rocky to name a few, her past and future, as well as many other topics.

Since the previous interview, Carli states, “I can honestly say I’m in a much better place in my life. I’m completely done with my chemo treatment and starting to do all the things I used to, like exercising every day, planning trips, and modelling to my fullest potential. I’ve learned so much through this experience about people, beauty, and about acceptance of what is and how to deal with life on life’s terms.”

In the previous article, Carli stated that her cancer was in full remission on “November 3rd, 2017” according to a post on her Instagram page.

Carli is also no longer with Margaux Models, the modelling agency she previously was signed with. When asked what her future looks like, Carli states she is ” unsure about which direction I’m going but, I’m open to many possibilities and I’m sure the universe will manifest what’s right for me.”

Regarding Carli’s future, she states that she has “a couple jobs lined up with César Ramirez and some print photo shoots. I’m also travelling to New York to interview with some agencies.”

When asked who she would like to work with, Carli states “if I could choose someone to work with it would be Tyra Banks because she is a role model of mine. Also, I would like to work with UFO361 and Nick Jonas again and possibly do some acting.”



Carli in the UFO361 music video.


Carli states that she is now focusing on her “physical and spiritual health. My goals are to continue to work in LA and start working in New York and Europe. In April, I have a photo shoot in Havana, Cuba where my mother was born. I am excited to experience my Spanish culture.”

Carli’s greatest achievement since the last article “from a professional place was my recent Beauty Con shoot that is featured on posters throughout New York City. From a personal place, my biggest accomplishment is inspiring those who are afraid to experience adversity and coming out with confidence and showing their true inner and outer beauty.”



Beauty Con posters found through out New York City starring Carli.


“I’m very proud to be participating in this year’s “Gala for the American Cancer Society” on July 15th 2018 at Sony Pictures.

Carli can be contacted for business enquiries on her Instagram page which contains her email.

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Calvin Kemppel: A Visual Storyteller


When it comes to visual storytelling, Calvin Kemppel holds phenomenal talent in regards to catching the perfect moments on camera which encompass what travelling is all about; adventure.

Mr Kemppel posts his adventures on his Instagram page for all his followers to see, with content ranging from the snowy mountains of Switzerland to the deserts of Jordan and more.


Calvin Kemppel in the Bahamas “feeding his dragons”.

Calvin says that when it came to choosing whether to pursue a life of travelling or another path, it was already decided for him. “Well for one, traveling is something that’s always been special to me because I get to see how other cultures live. I get to see a broader perspective on the world other than just my life. Secondly, I just love capturing stories and sharing moments that I have when traveling. I love sharing the stories with other people so they can be inspired by my experiences. Also, I love that I can relive those moments through the videos and photos I captured.”

However as Calvin states, “there are always hardships when travelling. The good always outweigh the tough times but there are a few difficult times I had when traveling.”

Calvin goes into detail of what these difficult periods were, “When I was traveling the country of Jordan I got really sick, either airborne or from food. No one really knows. But I got deathly sick is all I know. Body aches, uncontrolled shakes, worse sustained migraine and sharp stomach pains. Every hour was filled with multiple throwing up sessions and yes; diarrhea. However, the amazing Jordanians helped me during this time and helped me recover enough to see the beautiful Petra.”


One of many pictures found on Calvin’s Instagram about his adventures in Jordan.

“There are several other hardships, however, from missed flights, getting on the wrong train because I didn’t understand the foreign language that well to being robbed. The list goes on.”

“I wouldn’t trade any of those experience because it taught me so much and shaped me [to be] who I am now and [increased] my passion for learning even more in my travels.”

Calvin also gives advice to those who wish to travel. “Don’t get in your head. What I mean is, don’t overthink things. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just start. It’s always better to have something done than waiting for it to be perfect. It’s not always easy because some days you’re not feeling good or you don’t feel like vlogging. It’s during those times you have to push even harder. Chase your dreams full force.”


“I think my greatest achievement was traveling the world last year and starting my first video business during that time as well. I never went to school for film and didn’t know too much about it. But last year I quit my previous desk job and bought a one way ticket to Hawaii, not knowing if anything would work out,” Mr Kemppel says.

“I was really nervous, scared and excited. But I took that risk and met some of the best people and have great friends in so many countries as a result. My goal for 2018 is to improve on my video skills and travel to more countries so I can inspire even more people to chase their dreams.”

Speaking about Calvin’s dream, his “ultimate dream is honestly to have a wife and kids and live in cool exotic locations like Hawaii. I want to teach my kids to surf and be with them as they grow up. I guess I will achieve it by finding a wife and then moving to Hawaii!”


Calvin’s most recent trip to Switzerland which resulted in many beautiful pictures and incredible moments to vlog.


I asked Calvin what his greatest experience from travelling was; this was his response. “This is difficult to answer because I’ve had so many amazing experiences. In the Bahamas I got to swim with sharks and hangout with wild pigs on pig island. In Hawaii, I met so many cool people who took me to the “stairway to heaven” & amazing waterfalls.”

“That reminds me of my first open door helicopter ride and it was over the whole island of Oahu and the big island. I got to see boiling lava for the first time too.”

“In Jordan, I ATVd in Wadi Rum which was like being on Mars. Also during that trip I met the most giving Syrian refugees who literally lived out of an old box shed (the husband and wife and their several kids) yet they were so happy and offered me fresh tea and even to stay with them. I remember giving the father a necklace I got from Hawaii and I have never seen someone smile so much before. Gosh, so many stories I could go on and on.”

Calvin concludes this questions with one last experience, “I had a wild monkey in Bali jump from a tree onto my head (it’s actually my profile picture on Instagram). Anyways, I’ll stop there because I could a write a book with my best experiences from traveling!”


A common question directed towards travellers is how they keep afloat financially and emotionally while on their adventures.

Calvin states, ” Well, last year I was traveling full time nonstop and I was able to fund those travels from the business I started. A lot of the countries I traveled to I worked with clients and got paid for video jobs which helped a lot. I also did a “workaway” program that helped because a host will give you free accommodation and meals. All you have to do is volunteer 4 hours a day. There was people I met abroad that let me stay at their place for free sometimes as well.”

“Emotionally, I try as much as possible to make it to church. God definitely helped me emotionally and stay strong during the good and tough times, like the time I got deathly sick in Jordan.”

When asked what readers have to look forward to in the coming months in regards to Calvins work, he states, “well I do more vlogging/travel videos rather that actual writing. But there is a lot to come in the next months. I have a lot of travel plans and as a result I have a lot of new weekly videos. Also I am going to give a lot more tips and tricks about traveling in general and how to film while traveling.”

“What I am really excited about is a new project that I’m working on. I want it to be a worldwide movement. I think people are going to like it. I can’t talk about the details yet, but all I can say is I’m super pumped.”


Calvin at Linville Gorge Wilderness. “It’s the simple things in life.”

I asked Calvin who he would like to give a shoutout to who have helped him on his adventures.

Calvin says, “so there’s this guy in Hawaii I met (his name is Luke). I met him on Waikiki beach when flying a drone and getting some video [footage]. He came up and started talking. And it was cool because he took us around the island to dope locations and cool adventures. He also let me stay at his place for almost 2 weeks while on Oahu which helped me out so much financially. So yeah, thanks to that local Hawaiian. Aloha spirit!

“Also my friends Brandon and Jack who support my travels and work. They really helped a lot and are just dope friends to have.”

To keep up to date with Calvin’s adventures and his videos, be sure to check out his Instagram.


ITSTANR- An Expedition into Hardship and Mental Health


Edit: As of this edit, “Perfect World” has now been named “7TEEN”.

Tanner Merten, a rapper from Houston, Texas, speaks about his hardships; from not being supported by his parents, to channeling his thoughts into his music as therapy.

Through the process of an interview, Tanner states that readers can look forward to his new mixtape “Perfect World” which will allow others to enter his mind and hopefully, it can aid those that may be struggling through similar situations.

Read below to learn about Tanner and his struggles.

Your music alias, “ITSTANR”, how did the name come to exist?

Originally, my music alias was just “Tanr”, as my name is Tanner. I felt that “Tanr” wasn’t enough. I felt it needed something more.

Why did you become involved in the music industry? Has it always been a dream? If not, what was your dream before?

Music has always been a dream of mine since I was 11. Music hasn’t necessarily been a huge part of my life, as I was always kind of scared to tell people that music was my dream. My friends told me to take the shot while I still could and the rest is history.



Tanner’s friends.


You stated that you have gone through hardship to be where you are today. Is this hardship shown in your music?

Yeah, most definitely. In my more recent music I have been making, I make music based on relationships I have/had currently or in the past, my current battles with anxiety and depression and just my inner demons. Most of this music will be heard on my new tape “Perfect World” that will be coming out late 2018.

Your new mixtape,”Perfect World”, what will it comprise of? Is the name a depiction of what you want your music to achieve, a theoretical “perfect world”?

“Perfect World” is actually set-up like a play. With track 1 being “The Introduction”, and tracks 2-8 being “Act I”, “Scenes 1-7”. “Act I” is based on anxiety, depression, my battles and other demons I have fought in my life. In the middle of the tape at Track 9, is “The Interlude”. Tracks 10-16 being “Act II”, “Scenes 1-7”. “Act II” is based on my relationship issues of now. This will include Drake type songs in which I speak about my ex-girlfriend.

“Perfect World” was never really an idea until I started making music about my hardships and relationships. I found writing music about those things just came to me naturally, as I wrote 5 of them in just one sitting. Therefore, “Perfect World” was kind of made accidentally.

What hardships have you endured along your music career? How have you exceeded these situations and/or scenarios?

Honestly, one of the hardest things to endure musically [or in any profession] is not having the support of your parents. That has always been the hardest for me, especially as a kid. Because with music you need all this equipment, all these programs, and as a kid, you don’t have the money to do that. I remember when I had to record on my iPhone in Voice Memos with my earbuds.

To this day my parents still don’t support what I have been doing for just about a year now. But I have the support of all of my friends and that’s all anyone really needs.



Tanner Merten, known as “ITSTANR’.


What has been your biggest goal this year? How do you intend to transcend this achievement?

My biggest goal of 2017 was to reach at least 20,000 total streams on SoundCloud. Currently, I’m at 18,250+. Not completely at the goal, but I am very satisfied with the results of just this year alone.

If you could give advice to those reading this on how to overcome hardship and persevere, what would you advise?

Sometimes, you have to be at your lowest to see your highest. Just never give up. Always, follow your gut.

To those reading this article, what content can they look forward to seeing in 2018?

Content-wise, I’ll be dropping a single from “Perfect World” on 1/1/18, and another 6/1/18, and the rest will be history. There will be a few songs in between there that are not on the tape, but the tape is my main focus and the main goal of 2018.

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