From learning instruments at a young age, to his desire to ‘prove the world’, Shawty opens up in this exclusive interview.David, who lives in Seattle, Washington, has travelled around the country whilst growing up. The artist was originally born in San Jose, California. In 3rd grade, David’s family moved to Lewiston, Idaho. Regarding how the…


Uncovering the truth with Truthteller

Stephen Davis has dedicated his life to discovering mysteries left unanswered, intentionally or not. Award-winning journalist and educator Stephen Davis is still driven by a desire to expose the facts and to bring justice to those who have none. In a 30-year career he has unpicked many "mysteries", travelling the world as an investigative reporter…

Dark Rose Podcast #22- Lil Xtra

On this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on artist Lil Xtra. In this episode, we speak of Xtra's childhood. and upbringing, his music, and how he started, his battle with mental, and physical, health, and more. I hope you enjoy! Also, I apologise for my voice, I'm getting over a sickness. https://soundcloud.com/writerbard/dark-rose-podcast-22-lil-xtra Lil…

Dark Rose Podcast #15- Lil Polearm/ Halberd

On this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on an individual named Evan. However, what makes Evan so unique is that he releases music under two different titles- Lil Polearm, and also Halberd.

Lil Shelton- The Founder Of A New World

Artist Lil Shelton is not just a creator of music, but also a visionary of a concept called "17 World". This world is exclusive for only the creative-hearted and is "out of this world"[Earth].

Shelton's music has the ability to cause reflection, as it has an almost mesmerizing effect. I am glad I got to cover Lil Shelton's story. Welcome to 17 World.