Skrilla- Versatile, Experimental and Consistent

Artist Skrilla comes forward with strong, powerful vocals and a sound that isn’t boxed into one “genre.”

Lil Shelton- The Founder Of A New World

Artist Lil Shelton is not just a creator of music, but also a visionary of a concept called “17 World”. This world is exclusive for only the creative-hearted and is “out of this world”[Earth].

Shelton’s music has the ability to cause reflection, as it has an almost mesmerizing effect. I am glad I got to cover Lil Shelton’s story. Welcome to 17 World.

Creation Of A Talk Show

If you follow me on social media, you might’ve seen one of my latest posts about starting a talk show styled series. Through a discussion with producer Dontsleep, an Australian producer, the idea of creating a talk show styled episode formed.

Dark Rose Podcast #3- Shelovesboon

Shelovesboon, an explorer of emotion and substance in his music [a fusion of hip-hop and RnB], is the 3rd personality of Dark Rose Podcast.

Boon, a previous interviewee on KLH Writing, was chosen once again to come onto the site to give insight into the music scene in New York and surrounding locations, a behind the scene look into his music and its creation and more.

Dark Rose Podcast #2- JVLES

JVLES is both a producer and artist who is already changing the scene with his talent and motivation to make a difference.

From Sydney, Australia JVLES is trying to push the new wave style in Australia alongside his friends to ensure the Underground gets the recognition it deserves.

soundstar- A Musical Entrepreneur

Soundstar is a talented producer who knows how to work both his music as well as his business side shown through both his music as well as his upcoming clothing brand, DXN Studios.

From having a hard upbringing due to the area soundstar grew up in, to persevering amidst the struggles of others turning on him whilst having already made abit of money from his art and causing heads to turn his direction, soundstar is not stopping anytime soon.