Uncovering the truth with Truthteller

Stephen Davis has dedicated his life to discovering mysteries left unanswered, intentionally or not. Award-winning journalist and educator Stephen Davis is still driven by a desire to expose the facts and to bring justice to those who have none. In a 30-year career he has unpicked many "mysteries", travelling the world as an investigative reporter…


Dark Rose Podcast Interlude: How To Start A Blog

This podcast episode is proudly sponsored by Underground Vampire Club. Check them out here: undergroundvampireclub.com/ In this podcast episode, I cover how to start a blog, in particular, a creative focused blog. I provide tips and strategies, as well as personal thoughts so that your blogging career can succeed. I hope you enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/writerbard/dark-rose-podcast-interlude-how-to-start-a-blog Featured Song:…

Dark Rose Podcast #6- Monster Mav

In this episode, we focus on Maverick's career, his childhood, how he started YouTube, his close friendship with Tanner fox, what happens behind the scenes in the house, his hardships, and more!

6th$ithLord-The Rise of Ninigiku

20-year-old artist and producer 6th$ithLord, from Texas, comes forward with an impressive image and impactful marketing strategy