Carli Glubok- From then to now


Carli Glubok, the first personality in which I interviewed within the media sphere, speaks about what she has been up to since the previous article. Carli Glubok is a model located in California who is achieving big things, even against great odds.



Carli Glubok.


In the previous article, found here, Carli spoke about her being diagnosed with a rare type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Carli also spoke about her modelling career, from being involved in music videos with Nick Jonas and ASAP Rocky to name a few, her past and future, as well as many other topics.

Since the previous interview, Carli states, “I can honestly say I’m in a much better place in my life. I’m completely done with my chemo treatment and starting to do all the things I used to, like exercising every day, planning trips, and modelling to my fullest potential. I’ve learned so much through this experience about people, beauty, and about acceptance of what is and how to deal with life on life’s terms.”

In the previous article, Carli stated that her cancer was in full remission on “November 3rd, 2017” according to a post on her Instagram page.

Carli is also no longer with Margaux Models, the modelling agency she previously was signed with. When asked what her future looks like, Carli states she is ” unsure about which direction I’m going but, I’m open to many possibilities and I’m sure the universe will manifest what’s right for me.”

Regarding Carli’s future, she states that she has “a couple jobs lined up with César Ramirez and some print photo shoots. I’m also travelling to New York to interview with some agencies.”

When asked who she would like to work with, Carli states “if I could choose someone to work with it would be Tyra Banks because she is a role model of mine. Also, I would like to work with UFO361 and Nick Jonas again and possibly do some acting.”



Carli in the UFO361 music video.


Carli states that she is now focusing on her “physical and spiritual health. My goals are to continue to work in LA and start working in New York and Europe. In April, I have a photo shoot in Havana, Cuba where my mother was born. I am excited to experience my Spanish culture.”

Carli’s greatest achievement since the last article “from a professional place was my recent Beauty Con shoot that is featured on posters throughout New York City. From a personal place, my biggest accomplishment is inspiring those who are afraid to experience adversity and coming out with confidence and showing their true inner and outer beauty.”



Beauty Con posters found through out New York City starring Carli.


“I’m very proud to be participating in this year’s “Gala for the American Cancer Society” on July 15th 2018 at Sony Pictures.

Carli can be contacted for business enquiries on her Instagram page which contains her email.

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Vick Lejet – The Creator of a New Sound

Vick Lejet, an artist from Sydney, Australia, whose voice and composure motivates those who listen with its positivity and happy aura, speaks about his origins, and his music while delving into what makes him stand out from the crowd and why he is the next artist to gather lots of traction.

Vick Lejet in Hollywood with producer “Thrillboy”

Vick states that the name came to form because “Vick being my first name and I used to always say let’s jet so I thought of how people said leggo so instead I decided to come up with the word ‘lejet’.
Vick also states that on his road to becoming where he is, he suffered a lot, however, he benefitted in the end from all the tribulations in which occurred. “In person, I’m always laughing and making jokes but I have been through a lot which is why I want to use my experiences to give hope to those who need it.”
“Being of mixed race in Sydney has been tough for me. Being bullied throughout the entirety of my adolescent years because of that and it was because I was so different to others; especially personality wise. I also lost my grandmother in 2014 which was the hardest thing to accept and I promised her that I will do big things with my music.”

Vick however persevered and came out positively after what he suffered.

“Despite everything I’ve been through, I didn’t come out bitter, but instead, I came out stronger. I use all that negative energy and channel it into my music which is the complete opposite of all that. As you can tell, most of my music is happy, which is how I want people to feel.”

Vick also speaks more about his past and how it shaped him. “I’ve had a lot of poor decision making in the past but it has definitely taught me to be more cautious with how I invest my time. It has made me become more clear of what I want and don’t want in life.”

Vick says that readers can look forward to his new EP coming out this year titled “223” with Thrillboy. Vick also is planning to network with more artists, create more projects and possibly do “some shows and make videos.”


Vick’s new EP “223” with producer “Thrillboy.” Artwork by “Nipz.”

 To read the interview with producer “Thrillboy” click here.
 “I would definitely say that I don’t fit the stereotype within the genre of music I’m doing but, I would define myself as someone who is full of hope and always wanting to be a positive role model to uplift those going through a lot,” Vick states when asked how he would both classify himself as a person and as an artist.
“The production with Thrillboy has helped bring out the best in me. The tone of my voice and delivery compliments it well which is why I believe what we have achieved is a bit different. I also sing/rap about things I know about and have experienced.”
 Vick believes that his greatest achievement as an artist has been finding his own sound. “It took me years and it wasn’t until I made ‘Lay Down’ that I finally knew that I was onto something. I would also say creating quality songs such as ‘Up’ and ‘Ocean’ which helped my foundation a lot.”
In the future, Vick would like to move from Australia. “I feel like I don’t belong and in regards to music, there really isn’t any areas of opportunity for me here so I feel as if I’m wasting my time. I would like to discover Europe and Canada and see what would suit me most. This year for me is all about growth and travelling.”
Vick would also like to work with these artists and producers in the future:
Zaytoven, Nav, Ramriddlz, Drake, Madeintyo, Oj Da Juiceman, Plies, 50 Cent and many more.
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Lil Xelly- A Strong Dedication To Succeed

Warning: Readers Discretion is advised.
With an unmatched work ethic, and ever increasingly growing discography, Lil Xelly is capturing the eyes of many – and for good reason.

Lil Xelly didn’t originally choose his name, rather it was placed on him by those around him. The artist adopted the alias due to enjoying the flow of the name.
“My name came from the ‘X’ from Xanax because I was doing it pretty much a lot, and people were like “you should change it to Xelly” so I just ran with it,” says Xelly. 
Lil Xelly comments that he no longer takes the drug, and that he stays away from it.
Xelly states that he started being involved in music due to his brother’s influence. The artists older brother was involved in rapping, and Xelly would write [lyrics]. 
“I just wasn’t confident enough [to rap],” says Xelly.
The Maryland artist also describes his music as “free.” Xelly explains that most of his lyricism comes from a place of truth, as he incorporates his own experiences into his lyrics.
Xelly believes that everything he has gone through in his life has played a pivotal role in shaping both him, and his craft.
Lil Xelly also hopes that his drive, and work ethic, can help inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams.

Lil Xelly also hopes that his drive, and work ethic, can help inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams. Source

Xelly’s goal for 2018 is to grow a bigger following, and further improve his craft, and sound.
The artist also wants to hit a million plays. Getting booked for shows, and working with bigger artists are also goals for Xelly.
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Edit: 3/12/2018