The Greatest Question We Shall Ever Ask

Self-awareness is important and by acknowledging so, you can be closer to the ideal goal you have of yourself.

A Writer’s Legacy

Death, the one thing that is inevitable. It cannot be stopped. Life can be prolonged but death cannot be conquered. It comes from the darkness, taking its due.

But not all is sadness, for as writers, we have abilities that can even live long past our own death.

I am talking about our legacy.

R U OK? (Day)

Today is the annual “R U OK” Day in Australia. It is a day that seeks to promote others to ask others about their well-being and if they need any assistance.

The organisation, R U OK is a suicide prevention organisation that understands the necessity for others to voice their thoughts and be heard. It has established 4 tips on its website that seek to do just that. These are:


Honestly, late at night thinking is the best. You are free from distractions, under no pressure to act and can just do whatever you wish; heck, staring at a wall for 3 hours straight has no consequences even…

Why we need voices.

A thousand years from now, you wish you had done it.

A hundred years from now, you wish you had said it.

Ten years from now, you will tear yourself up over why you never had the courage.

One year from now, it will keep you up at night.

Today, you are questioning why it should ever happen and how someone else will do it or has done it already.

Stop that thought immediately.